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Kristin Booker • May 20, 2014

And Now, A Moment of Truth: Finding Myself Again

Hi, dear reader.

You might have noticed that the site looks a little different now. It’s a little shinier, a little prettier, much cleaner (thank you, Dmitriy) and the design is clearer and concise. When you look at photo galleries, there’s gathered in cool collections of snapshots. When you touch through the content, the font is sharper. But what’s missing is a lot of new writing, and I wanted to go on record and explain why. Because I owe you all that…I owe myself that. Here’s why it’s taking a little bit of time.

Five years ago, when I started Fashion.Style.Beauty, I wanted it to be a blog that I wanted to read. I wanted you, the reader, to hear from me in my voice about what stylish items you needed to make your life better. It started off just fine and then things got a little off track personally and I couldn’t write for you as much. I got pulled in a few billion directions, the Internet got bigger and I started trying to keep this site going along with managing multiple freelance clients and some rather harrowing personal challenges. I’ve learned a valuable lesson trying to keep my fingers plugged in multiple holes in the dam: many things get completed, but not many things get done well. And so you’ll notice that the voice of the site was all but lost. I disappeared from my own writing, and FSB became shiftless as a result.

The wake-up call for me personally came on March 28th of this year, after leaving a contract position where I suffered a debilitating headache. My first migraine, the pain I experienced was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It was like someone grabbed a handful of nerves at the back of my neck and just snapped them into a million pieces. Lucky Guy put me in bed and continued to check on me throughout the night. All I could do was lay there. My nose started bleeding. I was scared to death. In my head, a conversation with my doctor from 2008 kept ringing in my ears: “If you keep going the way you’re going, if you’re lucky, you’ll just have a stroke in five years.”

But the next morning, when I arose, it was literally like everything was suddenly very, very clear. I, like many of you, had so many good intentions but I forgot to put my priorities in order. I forgot to put myself first above all. I was at the bottom of my priority list and that Saturday morning, I looked in the mirror and saw exactly what that looked like. I regained 11 pounds from stress eating all those months. The site took a nose dive. Clients were less than thrilled, you guys were essentially gone and I could hardly recognize myself. I looked tired, disconnected and uninspired.

And that’s when I realized things had to change for all of us.

After a month long relaunch and a new focus on eating, sleeping and taking care of myself (which has brought me to some BIG revelations, more about that tomorrow,) I also wanted to rethink the way I work and what I write about. For FSB, that meant a new direction, one that I could really sink my teeth into, one that would help both of us cut through the noise and get to the good stuff. I wanted you to come to the site and feel really good about what you see, not just be inundated with ads and paid content.

So, here’s the new goal for the writing on FSB: I want you to come to the site every day and feel inspired to do something good for yourself. Even if it’s a new lipstick or a mascara that makes your eyes look CRAZY GOOD or watching me try something new, like wearing overalls with heels for the first time since the 90’s, I want you to be able to come here, mentally kick off your shoes, and feel like we can have a conversation about how to develop your own style of living. Because if there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s changing directions when I know I’m going in the wrong way.

In 2007, I quit a 15-year career in Human Resources to move to New York City and become a writer. I had one suitcase and $300 in my wallet. I had one small writing gig that paid $100 a month. I had no idea how I was going to make it, but I knew in my heart that I had to do it. I’ve not looked back since. If I can sell everything I own and move to New York to follow my dreams, you can try navy blue mascara. That’s all I’m saying. Just consider it: what would you do if fear weren’t a factor? And that’s a lot of what the site’s going to be about now: knowing when it’s time to learn, time to grow and time to rest.

And so, I’m in the process of writing. A LOT of writing. I have 4,400 photos to organize and edit along with a few interviews with experts I think you’ll love. The Monday Motivation Mixes are still around, but I think some good peaceful meditation and some affordable travel and fitness solutions are also in order. I want your skin to glow, I want your heart to heal, I want you and your body to become friends again….I want to put some love back into our conversation. So, if you’ll grant me a few days to sort through all the things I want to say, I promise that I’ll deliver the honesty, the passion and the good ideas that you expect.

I hope you’ll stay with me, and that we can rekindle our friendship. I’ve missed you, and I want to give us another shot. Are you with me? I really hope you are.

Love always,




2 Responses to And Now, A Moment of Truth: Finding Myself Again

  1. Melanie says:

    We have missed you, but greater than that is our love for and faith in you! We will be here when you are ready…waiting patiently! AOT.

  2. First, you are amazing. Everything about you.
    Second. Yay for coming back with the fire and motivation to start fresh. I love it.
    Third. What a lovely post. Really inspiring. I think we need to put voices back in the blogs- to be real people again.


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