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Kristin Booker • March 11, 2014

Playing In The (Almost Spring) Sun


What I’m Wearing: Zara sweater (no longer available, go with this one for spring;) Monrow Tissue Narrow TankH&M Harem Pants, vintage fisherman’s cap; Jewelmint earrings and rings; DV Dolce Vita boots; Botkier Valentina MiniAerin Midnight Collection Lip Gloss in Vibrant.

I’m officially putting it out there: I have never been so ready for spring in my entire life.


I rarely say these things. I don’t believe in complaining about the weather because, well, what’s the alternative? The issue with this particular winter is that it doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up, and its mercurial nature has worn me out. I love wrapping up in a cozy knit as much as the next girl, but I’m ready to show a little skin and feel the sun on my face again. Until it’s time to rock out in a tank top and the spring dresses I keep buying for cheap when I see them, this layered look is how I’m showing slivers of flesh that I’m not afraid will wither with frostbite.


The sweater is a open knit that called to me from a post-holiday sale rack at Zara (“Take me hooooome, nice lady,” it sang, leading me ever closer to its price tag.) The pants are harem pants scored recently at H&M. Yep, I said “harem” pants. Drop crotch. Hammer Pants. You know the ones. They’re the closest I can get to wearing sweatpants to work and, well, The Morning After Mashed Potatoes isn’t the time for skinny jeans.

You’ve seen the boots before, if you’ve ever had to start here. The rocking jewelry were from a “spree” from when I discovered I’d let StyleMint points accrue for months without thinking about it. I recommend that shopping rush, by the way: sign up for their service, forget about it, and then about every 3-4 months, set a reminder to live it up.  It’s like a small shopping spree to cheer you up. So much fun.


The bag is a Botkier Valentina Mini (LOVE HER BAGS) and a recent addition to the Clutches That I Now Use Daily. I carry them inside work totes and gym bags because I’ve been too frequently performing The Grand Schlep of bags that are just too big, and when I try to switch bags, I forget something vital from purse to purse. That clutch has all my daily essentials in it and goes from work tote to gym bag to on its own at night without thinking about it. If you lose something or forget a key item every single time you change handbags, try keeping your vitals in a stylish tote and move THAT item from bag to bag. It will save you time and gain you sanity points.

Double Shot - Jewelmint Earrings.jpg

The arm warmers are from Tracy Reese a million years ago. The hat? I’ve had it since college, one of the rare things that has escaped getting lost despite my best efforts moving across the country three times in five years.

Triptic Hat and Sun.jpg

It reminded me of a hat Linda Evangelista wore in a Herb Ritts shoot for Vogue in the early 90’s. I love this hat. It makes me happy and it’s just so freaking fun. See also: it’s hiding a rather awkward in-between stage my hair is in right now. It’s time for a haircut in the worst way possible.


The sunshine is coming. I can feel it. But, until then, I have some knit layers to keep me warm.


 All images within this post by the talented Jeff Smith of Giafrese.



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  1. Nice spring inspiration, I love your peek of arm! I’m glad to find your blog today!

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