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Kristin Booker • April 1, 2015

Underwear Magic: The Playtex Secrets Undercover Slimming Bra

Ok, so let’s talk underwear for women for a minute. Secretly, most women know that there’s nothing like a good bra. A great bra is the foundation for a great look and, let’s face it: when things are lifted and smooth underneath your clothes, you just carry yourself a little differently. It’s the start of a drama-free day, one that has you practically skipping down the sidewalk. I love those kinds of days.

I also loathe the days where there’s drama: specifically, the drama that happens when your bra works against you.

Oh sure, it’s holding your breasts away from your ribs, but then it’s pinching the skin of your back and your sides and your lean, clean look is suddenly lumpy, bumpy, sagging and wrong. Suddenly, that bra has turned into the underwear equivalent of a mullet: total beautiful business up front, all sorts of wrong from the back. That, friends, is not a bra you want to have in your collection. It’s a villain. It must be destroyed.

Yep, this is me in said magical bra. :)

Yep, this is me in said magical bra. :)

This is why I want you to meet a new personal lingerie favorite, the Playtex Secrets® Undercover Slimming Bra with innovative SlenderU™ panels and hidden cushioned underwire. That’s a long name for a bra, but it battles exactly what we were just talking about: Bad Bra Behavior. This superb slimming collection of beautiful bras will actually help create a look and feel of a slimmer and stylish you with the power of an extra perk: side slimming panels!

See also: the benefit of slimmer side panels means that buttons won’t gape at the front. You hear that, button-down shirts? Add to that the Playtex Undercover Slimming four-way TruSupport® design and Built-up Comfort Strap®, which hold everything up in soft comfort and beautiful style. It makes it much easier to feel gorgeous and comfortable all day. Matte or shine, your choice, but they’ve got you covered. I’m rocking one as we speak, and I love that everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Playtex 2

If you’re looking to get involved, you can pick them up at Kohl’s or via the Hanes site. Also, follow Playtex on Facebook if you get the chance. Although there was a recent giveaway, the brand always has some fun things going on. And more details on comfy undies that give you a slimmer shape?  Not bad at all.

This post is brought to you in partnership with the Playtex brand.


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