Kristin Booker • May 28, 2010

Playtime with Avon's Toni Brattin Extensions

Short hair is kind of my thing. I had super-long locks in high school, but ever since I turned a quarter-century, I’ve been rocking the Posh Spice bob meets Katie Holmes shag circa 2008. And although I adore the crop, I sometimes yearn for long, glorious, varsity cheerleader hair once again.

Well, my wish was semi-granted when I got the chance to try out Avon’s Toni Brattin Hair Extensions. There are a variety of clip-on styles to choose from, each available in six shades. When my straight ponytail arrived, it quickly became my most coveted plaything. The hair is incredibly soft, shiny, and durable – meaning I could clip in all different directions, and thus amuse myself for hours.

Below is my favorite, and most natural-looking, do:

Although the color matched perfectly to my own, I’m not sure I would wear it on a daily basis for fear of someone giving me a seventh grade bully tug of the hair only to see said hair remain in said bully’s hand as I walk away. However, at times when my cute crop is morphing into a mullet due to lag time between cuts, I just may turn to Toni Brattin to help me feel like a girl again.


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