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Kristin Booker • March 11, 2015

POND’S and Jonathan Adler Want To Upgrade Your Beauty Wipes

Let’s face it: beauty wipes are one of the greatest inventions for time-starved people pretty much ever. Mild cleanser in a sheet that rips out of a pack in just enough time for you to get rid of whatever’s bothering you. They’re a must for after (and BEFORE) you work out, they can spare you from sleeping in a full face of makeup when you’re just too tired to care, and can pretty much rid you of ick at any time. I love them; they’re stashed in every handbag along with snacks (because hangry happens) as well as next to my bed.

Ponds 3

Let’s talk about that next-to-the-bed thing for a second.

“Oh your facial wipes are SO CUTE!” said no one ever while looking at the packaging of facial wipes next to your bed. Why did you invite that person in here to begin with? You know they’re silently judging your grooming routine.

Suddenly, the 7 Stages of Grooming start to  happen. BECAUSE SOMETIMES I LIKE TO SING KARAOKE AND FALL ASLEEP IN MY EYELINER, OKAY, NANCY?!? DON’T STEP ON MY DREAMS! Your inner monologue is screaming, but you’ve suddenly realized she’s moved on and is rapidly thumbing through your closet. House tour over. Nancy and her ill-timed beauty wipe comment has gotten her fired from your life.

Ponds 5

In efforts to avoid what I’ll call “diva disclosure incidents,” I’ll just suggest an alternative. Head to Target right this minute and pick up these limited-edition POND’S + Jonathan Adler Wet Cleansing Towelettes Vanity Case ($6.49.) The iconic potter/ interior design genius has partnered with the classic beauty brand to design a case to house all your wipety-wipe-wipe needs. Throw those towlettes into their chic new packaging, and suddenly they’re cute enough to keep on your nightstand in full display. Slide a vase next to it and some flowers and suddenly it’s decor.

If you like the blue case better, it’s coming to Walgreens in April. So, you’ll have to wait awhile, but sooo worth it. Get a green one for now. It’s cute, trust me.

Ponds 2

As a matter of fact, shouldn’t all beauty products be pretty enough to double as decor items? These wipes and their chic little case are a great way to start. Grab some now, and remember to keep Nancy out of your bedroom next time. Speaking of which, has she returned that sweater she borrowed?


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