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Kristin Booker • June 22, 2011

Today’s Post-It Pep Talk: How to Focus On The Right Things

This little quote spoke rather loudly to me, as sometimes when things get rough I, like everyone else, believe that the sky is falling and life loses its color a bit.

I was having a particularly rough day the other day and as I was racing from appointment to appointment trying to “fix” something, I was struck by how blue the sky was. The weather was absolutely perfect. Did I stop to enjoy the weather once the problem was fixed? Nope. I just kept focusing on the next thing to fix after that problem was solved, falling to bed in a heap at the end of the day without having enjoyed one second of the gorgeous day. Or the friendly email I received. Or the great exercise class I was able to take. Or the multitude of other little joys that were presented for me to enjoy while I was grousing about what was wrong.

Sometimes we focus so hard on what’s wrong, what we DON’T have, that we forget to enjoy and be grateful for the things we DO have. I”m slowly learning that there are no existences without problems, but there are also no problematic times without blessings to enjoy.

No matter how bad it seems or how stressful it gets, take a moment to be grateful for the things you do have. It can only result in more of what you’re focusing on, right? Let’s all make an effort to focus on the good stuff.



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