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Kristin Booker • January 18, 2012

Quest For The Best: Comfortable Skinny Jeans From Henry & Belle

Henry & Belle Ideal Super Skinny Jeans.

I want to tell you of my love for a denim…a love so deep that I’ve scarcely worn anything else in the past couple of months, to the point where as I’ve lost weight, I don’t get rid of them. They’re like old friends.

Ladies, this is the Holy Grail of Denim: skinny denim that feels like sweatpants. Henry and Belle, a denim company named for the grandparents of the creators and with an eye to the way denim used to be, has come up with a pair of skinny jeans that pull everything in for a super slimming effect without you feeling like you’re walking around with a straight jacket on your legs. These are quite frankly the cutest skinny jeans that are seriously the MOST COMFORTABLE THINGS ON THE PLANET. As in Earth. As in probably ever.

Let’s put it this way: not only can you rock them for a night out, but you can fly in them and they’re just like wearing a pair of lounge pants. They come in multiple washes and the collection from the line is extensive and gorgeous and made from material that’s so soft it can only be harvested from the Wings Of Angels.

Peruse the collection and check them out. The styles coming for spring are SO CUTE and vintage-inspired. You will LOVE them. But let’s focus: get these first. You will NOT be disappointed.

Henry & Belle Ideal Super Skinny Jeans in Coast wash, available via their website and National Jean Company, among other retailers


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