Kristin Booker • December 12, 2009

Reader Q&A: How To Make Eyeshadow Long Lasting

Every once in a while, I get a reader question via Facebook or email. Here’s a new one from my Facebook account:

“Hello my little beauty expert. I have a question for you. I usually wear powder eye shadows, but last time I was all made up, I noticed that by the end of the night the powder looked kind of messy. I guess my eye lids are oily? Is there a product to fix that? “ – Liz, Los Angeles, CA

This one’s really easy. Get thee to Sephora and grab yourself some Urban Decay Shadow Primer Potion ($17). This beauty essential is the secret weapon to making sure that your eyeshadow stay put until you decide you want it to come off. Just put it on before you apply your eye makeup and it disappears instantly to ensure smooth, long-lasting eye makeup that will look absolutely amazing. You can use it day or night and it’s basically the sure-fire weapon for editors and makeup artists everywhere.

Got a style or beauty question? Just ask in the comments section below. I’m here to help!


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