Kristin Booker • May 10, 2010

Reader Question: How To Get Rid of Dry, Chapped Lips

Reader Question: “Beauty Lip Question: I have constant dry, chapped lips that are always peeling. I have tried Vaseline at night, chapstick with sunscreen, burts bees without sunscreen. Help! I hate the gloopy feeling on my lips.”

Answer: Oh wow, I have BEEN THERE! As a fellow former sufferer of dry lips, I understand the frustration of looking for the right lip product. Not only are dry lips painful (cracking can HURT) but they can mar any beauty look (peeling lips under lip products = completely unsexy look) and some of the products can be less than comfortable. Wax lips work on no one.

Although I’ve tried (and do actually use sometimes) every product you’ve mentioned in your question, if you’re looking for immediate relief from cracked, painful lips, I might suggest the following process and two products that you simply have to try:

1) Go home tonight and head to the bathroom. Wet your lips and then take a wet washcloth and gently exfoliate your lips (very gently) for about ten seconds. No longer.
2) Mix one part olive oil to two parts kosher salt or brown sugar. Using a cotton swab, apply this to your lips (close your mouth) and exfoliate your lips. Leave it on for about a minute. Use your washcloth to wipe them dry. (As an added bonus, use it as a hand scrub, then wash your hands for gorgeously smooth hands.)

3) Get yourself some Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Lip Therapy ($7.99.) Apply this to your freshly-exfoliated lips and it will shield you from moisture loss while you sleep as well as reduce chapping and peeling without a thick, waxy texture. Over time, you’ll see your lips will become more smooth and hydrated.

As I stated before, I use it all the time and then I carry Rosebud Salve ($6)  in my purse and apply it liberally throughout the day. Between these two products and the olive oil scrub, I haven’t had a problem with dry lips since.

Other considerations for dry lips:
– Don’t lick your lips or apply drying matte lipsticks if your lips are chapped or dry. Both of these actions suck moisture from an already parched area
– Too much sodium and alcohol in your diet doesn’t help. Try cutting back a bit and you’ll see an improvement in your overall appearance, not just your lips
– Drinking more water does help
– This might sound prissy but it’s totally helped me: I swear drinking through a straw has helped the condition of my lips. Just don’t pucker too much or you can risk getting lip lines.

Hope that helps! Any other questions? Send them on!


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