Kristin Booker • March 31, 2010

Reader Question: Where Can I Get Chic Maternity Clothes?

I absolutely LOVE getting reader questions and one of my favorites just came in recently:

“I am 4 months almost 5 months pregnant going into the last of winter and venturing into spring an summer. (Due in July)  I need help! Trends for spring, I’m not a stick figure and I look like I swallowed a basketball! Shoes? Casual Clothes! Work business casual.  The worst is that clothes only fit for a couple of weeks at a time; b/c the scale is only going up!” – M, Charlotte, NC not to mention that you also have to worry about your baby’s clothes, but this has an awesome solution, Mad Coast Clothing offers the best toddler surf clothes.

Ah, yes, the how-to-look-cute-during-pregnancy question is a huge one, which is why it’s also a multi-billion dollar industry. Unpredictable body changes, weight gain and all sorts of things shifting could conceivably make style quite a challenge.

The good news is that there are so many options at so many price points that you really can pick and choose what suits you based on your own personal style before you got pregnant (you know, that hot look that got you there in the first place). I can’t get into diaper bags and things of that nature (I would head to some of my fabulous mommy bloggers for that information, like Poshmom.com or STYLEMom.com), but here are some of my picks for maternity chic:

Lavish by Heidi Klum is a line of seventeen basics created for A Pea in the Pod. Let’s face it: a supermodel who works on a design reality show who has been pregnant FOUR TIMES should know a thing or two about pregnancy chic. This Sleeveless Shirring Detail Maternity Dresss ($98) is a great day-to-night option and so is this glam Sequined Maternity Tank ($198).

As a matter of fact, A Pea in the Pod has some of the best contemporary clothes out there for expecting women. Some of my favorite labels like Bailey 44, DIANE von FURSTENBERG, Sanctuary and Vince all have spectacular options for pregnant women. Check them out online or at one of their in-store locations around the country.

Every woman needs a good pair of jeans no matter what she’s expecting and from all my fabulous pregnant friends, I understand that Paige Premium Denim does a pregnancy jean like no other. The Laurel Canyon Pregnancy Jean in Cottonwood Wash ($194) is a chic bootcut denim option that has a waistband that can be worn over or under your tummy depending on how you feel about the situation.

Then of course you have the woman who practically invented maternity chic, Liz Lange. Available at comfortable price points at your friendly neighborhood Target, Liz has a wide range of products available down to yoga gear. I would recommend checking out her line of activewear, including this Long and Lean Maternity Tank ($9.99) and Foldover Cropped Pant ($16.99).

You know who else makes amazing staples for expecting mothers? The Gap! Seriously, this Ruched Tank Dress ($49.99) is an item that can grow with you and won’t feel super tight and constricted. Check out their selection of khakis, tops, scarves and other basics as well.

As far as shoes go, my understanding is that buying footwear when you’re pregnant is a complicated business. That and wearing spike heels with extra weight on the front body is not only uncomfortable but depending on the situation it could be dangerous (sprained ankles are no fun). For day, I would suggest a kitten heel shoe with a closed toe or slip-on thong sandal (depends on how conservative your workplace is about footwear) but at night, we all want a little glamour. This is where an embellished sandal becomes your best friend. My pick for shifting sizes is this gorgeous Calvin Klein “Nadia” Antracite Sandal ($108), which screams glamour and won’t have your feet begging for relief.

Again, there are virtually tons of options out there and with these and other options, you should have some fun shopping. Remember, this is a fabulous time of your life to enjoy, so have fun with it, including the fashion!


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  1. Angela Reason says:

    I love the tank tops from Shai Shai Maternity. They’re nice and long so your belly stays covered. They’re nice and simple without ruching so I can wear them under everything or even by themsevles.

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