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Kristin Booker • December 13, 2010

Relationship Style: 20 Very Important Lessons That Apply To Fashion, Beauty and Life

As I’ve been racing around the streets of Manhattan, I’ve been thinking a lot about life, love and relationships. You know, there are quite a few lessons that apply to your love life and life in general that are also very helpful hints when it comes to fashion and beauty. We’ll call them Life Style Lessons:

Twenty “Life Style” Lessons

1)Nothing makes you stand out more than if you think you’re hiding. If you wear clothes that are too big, you look bigger. If you do things you think will obscure you from the views and opinions of others (skip grooming, act like you don’t care about things) nothing will make you more obvious.

2) To that end, fit is direly important. You know when you’re wearing something that fits because it feels effortless and causes you to carry yourself with confidence. You know when a relationship isn’t working because it’s as if you’re wearing something too tight or uncomfortable. Get rid of clothes – and people/relationships/situations – that don’t fit.

3) The quality of your wardrobe – and the people you surround yourself with – matters greatly. Consider this the next time you go shopping or hang out with others. Taste and style are important when you think about everything – and everyone – that touches your life.

4) The quest for the perfect wardrobe item (t-shirts, jeans, black boots) is a long one, but once you find that item, buy them in multiples. When you find a relationship that works, try to make sure that other relationships mimic the benefits and features of that one so all of them are working for you.

5) The clothes you wear most often should be treated with great care and concern because you live your life in them. The same goes with your best friends, the ones who will tell you the truth about yourself and always hold you up no matter what. Nurture these relationships and care for them greatly.

6) The fear of letting go of that person who might not be good for you is very similar to that pair of jeans that you KNOW WILL NEVER FIT AGAIN. Letting go of things and people that are no longer working – while hard – makes room for newer things to enter that will make you feel better about yourself.

7) Your clothing size is a just a number, just like your relationship/career/personal stats. You will probably never be the same size you were in high school, much like the fact that you can’t take back whatever statistic is bothering you (number of failed relationships, your age, wrong jobs, etc.) Accepting where you are now can help you plan for a better future. You are a fact. Accept and love where you are right now.

8.) Go into a store you’ve never dared to go into and look around, because it will expand your experiences and taste. Dating and networking is the same way: you must purposely try things you’ve never done in order to expand your social circle and meet people you otherwise might never have met.

9) An old jacket takes on a whole new life with the cost-effective purchase of some new buttons. That friend you haven’t seen in a while? Call her and meet her for drinks. It could change your whole perspective on things.

10) Any shoe that is slightly uncomfortable in the store will be murder on your feet. Similarly, people who make you feel badly about yourself from the instant they meet you will only make you feel worse with prolonged exposure. Walk away.

11) Most of your greatest concerns are solved with very simple solutions. Your skin will improve without overwashing, a simple change in color or cut (even your part) might be all that’s needed to make you love your hair, and one great mascara and red lipstick can turn any woman into a wanton sex goddess. Simplicity in beauty – as in life – is usually the best solution.

12) Only surround yourself with the people and items that bring you the most joy. That skirt that makes your legs look like a million dollars stays. That weird printed cape that makes you look like a circus freak goes. Ask yourself who brings you joy and treat them like the beloved skirt. Anyone who brings you consistent pain is the emotional equivalent of that creepy cape. Get rid of them.

13) Shopping, like life, is about wants and needs. If you take care of your needs with quality and class to the best of your ability, the wants get an automatic upgrade. And everyone’s life could use a little upgrade here and there, trust me.

14) There is always someone that will want something you have in life. Do not dress down or hide these gems for anyone. Shine like the star you know you are.

15) You teach people how to treat you, so make sure they know that you understand your own personal worth. If you believe you’re not worth much, people will treat you that way. Set the standard high and they react accordingly.

16) There are no clothes pretty enough to hide an ugly soul.

17) There is no clothing item worth your financial freedom. There is no job or relationship worth your dignity OR your health. Walk away from both swiftly and never look back.

18) Sexy, well-fitting lingerie is the foundation of everything good in life. The most powerful forces of positive motivation in the world are rarely ever seen.

19) Everything you own deserves your care and concern, much like your relationships. Neglect becomes obvious the longer it continues.

20) A good mirror is your best investment against all sorts of bad decisions, fashion and otherwise. If you can look into your reflection with respect and love, your life  – and what you’re wearing – fits. If you can’t, something is wrong and you need to adjust accordingly.

Best of all? Just be yourself. Your wardrobe  and beauty routine should be just like life and your relationships – it should enhance the lovely person you already are  – inside and out.




4 Responses to Relationship Style: 20 Very Important Lessons That Apply To Fashion, Beauty and Life

  1. Allie says:

    What a FANTASTIC list! So very true! I think every woman should read this!


  2. LesleyKat says:

    NAILED IT! Well done, lady!

  3. This is spot on, Kristin! I love your blending of fashion and life… perfect for anyone. 🙂

  4. kendy says: are always Fashion, Beauty ,

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