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Kristin Booker • July 13, 2015

Obsession of the Day: Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy

This is a photo of me from a weekend of outfit photos with Jeff. If you notice, I am smiling ear to ear. Yes, we had a fabulous day of shooting, but as a relatively hair-obsessed person, I am also thrilled that my hair looks cute.

YAY for healthy, happy hair!

YAY for healthy, happy hair!

Let me set the stage here: for those who don’t know, I stopped using ammonia-based chemical relaxers on my hair last year in March. As in, full stop. What I have done since is to grow my own hair for the past year and three months, cutting off processed hair as I went. After months of haircuts and slowly getting rid of years of fried ends, that is now 100% my hair. The only thing in it now is hair color.

In order to protect a year plus worth of growth (and now hair color,) I use a lot of conditioners on it. A lot. I spend most of my time researching the right hair masks, particularly since I now have blonde streaks in my hair. Neglected highlights equates to breakage and rough hair. I didn’t grow all this hair out to wreck it. That’s where weekly treatments come in.

2015-05-09 15.15.18

Those of us who hit the salon for blowouts, cuts and color know that your hair never feels and/or acts as well as it does when they do it. That’s due to the tools they use on your hair, one of which being the products they use at the sink and at their stations. This is a product developed by celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, the woman who created the magical hair colors we all know and love on Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry, just to name a few. Rita has created a product that works even better than those traditionally used at the sinks in salons in that it actually opens your hair shaft to allow the nutrients and proteins to fortify your hair. So, instead of just sitting there on top of your hair and pushing through the shaft, it goes straight in. It’s a two-step process where the first step open and treats the hair shaft, and the second step locks proteins and nutrients in. The whole process takes mere minutes, and it transforms your hair. Not just a little. I saw a DRAMATIC change in the condition of my hair after playing with this.

2015-05-09 15.16.00

Other than having incredibly soft and strong hair (Jeff pushed my hair out of my face for a shot and said, “Your hair is so soft it doesn’t feel real,”) I’ve noticed it also holds style better and isn’t as out of control in humidity. The treatment brings a lot of bang for your buck, too: you can get at least six treatments out of one box. A little bit goes a long way, so follow the instructions and get ready for Hazan Heavenly Hair.

Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy, $42, via Ulta.



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