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Kristin Booker • June 11, 2013

Sale Alert: Bare Necessities Is Having a Seriously Awesome Wacoal Flash Sale, Starting Right Now


The seriously-awesome sale for big-breasted gals is on NOW!

The seriously-awesome sale for big-breasted gals is on NOW!

OK, some of you, like me, have big boobs. There, I said it: “boobs.” We have them, and some are bigger than others. Mine are big, and, quite frankly, we’re good friends. They’re spectacular.

Also, if you’re like me, the underwear drawer has some things in it that should never see daylight: threadbare panties, bras with the elastic shooting out of them like the Fourth of July, cotton granny panties that don’t even have a color anymore.

Ladies, we need some new drawers in our drawers, which is why we all need to hop on this with a swiftness not seen outside the Olympics: Bare Necessities is having a big, huge, monster sale on Wacoal and it starts RIGHT NOW.

In other words, big-breasted gals, NOW IS OUR CHANCE to get some bras that fit. Hallelujah!

Note: Use code WFLASH to get 40% off, plus free shipping!

Enjoy, ladies! Get some new undies, then proceed to do a dance in your new bras and panties! Show ’em what you’re workin’ with!




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