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Kristin Booker • October 18, 2011

Sexy Back Essentials: Mimi Holliday by Damaris Eclair Lace Bodysuit

Mimi Holliday by Damaris Eclair Lace Bodysuit. Photo courtesy of Net-a-Porter.

You’re thinking, wow, this is nice, but is it practical?

Ladies, those of us on a journey to get our sexy back need to have a bit of an explanation as to why such things are necessary. For those of you who wear these lacy bits on a regular basis, hang on and I’ll be back with you shortly.

This gorgeous lace bodysuit isn’t a sexy frivolity, it’s an absolute necessity when building a wardrobe of gorgeous lingerie that works as well under your clothes as it does when they come off. This bodysuit not only provides a seamless line underneath blouses, tops and sweaters, but it solves the ever-present issue of ill-fitting camisoles and panties. Snap this on and nothing rides up or down at all. Add thigh-highs and you’ve got the makings of not only a seamless outfit but an evening filled with things that will make your diary blush.

Mimi Holliday by Damaris Eclair Lace Bodysuit. Photo courtesy of Net-A-Porter.

Ok, I’m back. This bodysuit isn’t really meant to be completely hidden, though. Peeking out through a chiffon blouse or a gorgeous V-neck cashmere sweater, there isn’t a heartbeat in a five block radius that won’t be skipping, while you remain cool and lace-clad underneath.

Yep. You need it. We all do. I’m getting mine now. I’m marking it as an investment in my new fabulous self. I invite you to do the same.

Mimi Holliday by Damaris Éclair Lace Bodysuit, available via net-a-porter.


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