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Kristin Booker • July 14, 2015

Obsession of the Day: Shaveworks Pearl Polish Dual Action Body Oil

I have to admit that I love, love, LOVE men’s grooming products, particularly all things shaving. There have been a lot of luxurious advances in shaving and body cleanser where men are concerned, and dudes are pretty demanding about the performance of anything they’re going to spend their money on. I didn’t really think my guy gave a rip about beauty products until he started asking questions like, “Do you think I need to mask this weekend?”

And so it began.

There are a few brands I feel do incredible products for men, and one of them is Shaveworks. This is a world-class brand of shaving aids and partnered with his namesake line, are a pretty safe bet for shaving, grooming, and skincare. The day I introduced him to these products was probably the second day he knew he loved me. I love them, too, so we share them. We share a lot of products actually.

Until this product. I admit it: we may have found the deal breaker. Hands off. Mine.

This is the body product to end all body products because it does double duty as a luxurious body cleanser AND a shaving oil. Add water and it foams into the sexiest body cleanser you’ve ever used in your whole life. It softens without leaving residue, and leaves you with can’t-keep-your-hands-off-me skin.

But wait: there’s more. Add it to your legs before or after bathing and it becomes the best shaving oil you’ve ever used. Legs, armpits, facial hair, whatever – it lifts away. I shaved my legs so well with this product that I couldn’t stop touching my legs. Could not stop. Touching.

So, this is now in my shower. When the boyfriend comes to visit, I *might* let him borrow it, but only because sharing is caring. All kidding aside, it’s a mind blowing product that works on both men and women, and it’s to die for.

Shaveworks Pearl Polish Dual Action Body Oil, $28 via

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