Kristin Booker • September 29, 2009

Shoe Lovers, Prepare to Be Shoe Woo-ed

There are some events to which we look forward more than others: the annual office Christmas party, the day you run into an ex looking smoking hot, walking into your bathroom and finding Daniel Craig waiting for you in the shower holding a dry martini (no? just me?). For those of us who are shoe lovers, I’ll add one more to the list: the opening of Shoe Woo.

The store opens October 1st and from the buzz on the street it’s bound to blow any self-respecting shoe addict right out of her stilettos. This is a shoe shopper’s paradise, designed to display and treat shoe shopping like being in a candy store. Sugar rush, shoe rush – they’re all the same but we all know the latter looks better on your waistline. 🙂

Before you make plans to hit the corner of 59th & Lexington on October 1st for the opening of this dazzling shoe mecca, take note: they’ve got tons of fab giveaways planned! In order to make sure you’re a “shoe in” for freebies, follow them on Twitter, @ShoeWoo.

Those gorgeous drawings are a sneak peek. Your feet are just itching to get there, aren’t they? Get a pedicure because on October 1st, it’s time to hit Shoe Woo!


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