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Kristin Booker • July 25, 2010

Silly Sunday Fun: What’s On My Desktop – The Blogger Inspiration Board

I recently became friends with Tamar of FashionBinge, which surprised everyone that knew us in common because 1) we share a really twisted sense of humor and 2) we have practically everyone we know in common. My new online bestie and party buddy started posting the hilarious items that are currently living on her desktop (which, if you look at yours, is the online equivalent of pulling your pants down on camera) and I thought, you know, why not? Here are some of the strange items that are currently living on my desktop.

I am the world’s biggest Bugs Bunny fan. I know every cartoon ever made by heart. People wonder why I had no “girlie skills” as a kid: ballet, gymnastics, tap, etc.? Because the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show was on for 90 minutes every Saturday morning on CBS. That’s why. Go to YouTube and watch “Duck Amuck.” It never disappoints.

For those of us who were obsessed with supermodels of the late 80’s and early 90’s, this photo by Herb Ritts is legendary. Cindy Crawford later said that they were all freezing cold while they were shooting this photo, which is why they honestly didn’t mind being huddled together.

I could be the world’s biggest Sophia Loren fan. This photo is the epitome of glamour to me.

I have a small obsession with all things Rolling Stones and I secretly desire to be Mick Jagger’s last wife. This photo taken of Mick in bed with Anita Pallenberg is so sensual and private. Love it.


Continuing with all things Mick Jagger, I also have a style obsession with Bianca Jagger. This photo was taken on their wedding day, which was in the South of France in 1971 while they were recording “Exile on Main St.” Bianca’s sexuality can’t be contained by her wedding “suit” and they both just look so wild and free. If I ever get married, I want something like this, just with a little less boobage so Mom can feel comfortable putting the photos in her house.

In my teens and 20’s I became a huge fan of the band INXS and became enraptured with their lead singer, the late Michael Hutchence. I love this photo of him because you can’t necessarily tell it’s him and it’s so soulful. Sexy and haunting, no?


I adore Madonna in every incarnation, especially her current “I’m-never-marrying-again-send-the-young-hotties-in” phase.  So talented. My hero. She can do no wrong in my eyes. Madonna prescribes to a philosophy from an Adam Ant song from the 80’s: “Get in/get on/get off/get up/get dressed/get out.”

I have been here. Have mercy, I have been here.

Style Icon, career role model – I live and die for Carine Roitfeld.

Last but certainly not least, this photo of Diana Ross completely describes my style aesthetic. I first viewed this as a young girl and thought, yes, that’s exactly right.

Do tell. What’s on YOUR desktop? Did any of these photos speak to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


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  1. Kristin Booker says:

    Hey there – nice catch on the Anita Pallenberg photo. Changing that now. Appreciate it!

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