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Kristin Booker • June 4, 2013

Skincare 101: 5 Tips To Handle Combination Skin In Summer


Although this post is part of my role as a Brand Ambassador for Simple Skincare, the opinions within are strictly my own.

I get many questions about skincare, particularly when it comes to how to handle combination skin. I feel uniquely qualified to handle such a question because I a) have combination skin, and b) I might know a little bit about the subject, so let’s get right down to it.

The easiest way to know if you have combination skin? Easy: it’s never satisfied. If you use a gel cleanser, part of your face (usually your jawline and temples) suddenly feel dry and tight, while if you use a cleanser for dry skin, it feels like it slides right off your T-zone. Also, if you get the Super Shiny T-Zone about midday in the summer but the sides of your face are flaky and dry, you have a classic case of combination skin.

The good news is that it’s easy to handle combination skin. After years and years of coming up with the right combination of activities to handle my dry-but-sometimes-oily-and-it-breaks-out-every-once-in-a-while skin, I humbly submit my Dos and Don’ts For Handling Combination Skin:

Stop washing your face in the morning – The best thing – the BEST THING – I stopped doing was washing my face twice a day. Honestly, unless you’re jogging in your sleep, you don’t really do enough to warrant a face cleansing. Here’s the drill: splash your face with water, then apply a gentle toner like Simple Skincare Soothing Cleansing Toner to your damp skin with cotton balls. Swipe them until the cotton balls come off clean. The toner is enough to set the pH balance of your skin, remove any debris and to help set your skin’s moisture balance.

Use a day cream with glycerin AND vitamins – Honestly, worry about the heavy moisturizers in the winter. Right now, you need to know the Benefit of Glycerin for Lips, it will help your lips and your skin stay soft, balanced without tipping the scales too far in one direction. It has glycerin and is packed with Vitamins E and B3 to help make sure your oily zones are hydrated and the dry zones aren’t parched.

Get yourself some blotting papers – Honestly, you WILL get shiny, particularly when it’s humid. Other than a mattifying sunscreen (which will help lessen the mirror-like shine from your T-zone), the best plan of attack is a package of blotting papers, applied gently to whatever’s ailing you. If you’ve forgotten your blotting papers, head to the bathroom and grab a clean toilet paper cover from the dispenser at the back of the toilet. It’s a genius trick, and yes, they will work.

Cleanse gently at night – Nighttime is the right time to cleanse your face. My favorite trick is to apply Simple Skincare Moisturizing Facial Wash onto my face, then hop into the bathtub or the shower and let the steam help break the product down for a few seconds. I splash with water and then apply a good anti-aging serum. I like Simple Skincare Vital Vitamin Night Cream because it has the same glycerin + Vitamins E and B5 balancing base as the day cream, but without the sunscreen to make it perfect for night. Your skin will literally eat it up.

Once a week, mix it up – You have to treat the two zones of your skin with what works, so here’s my trick. Sunday nights, I apply Simple Skincare Smoothing Facial Scrub to the zones that get dry and flaky (temples, jawline) on dry skin. I let it sit for about two minutes, and then I apply a quarter-sized dollop of the Simple Skincare Moisturizing Facial Wash to my hands, add a little water and then apply it to my cheeks and then work my way over the scrub to hydrate it, sweeping it down toward my neck. A small bit of the scrub works its way over my T-zone, but not enough to strip it, and the dry areas get exfoliated more. I follow with a super hydrating moisturizer and bask in the glow of my skin come Monday morning.

Other tips? Stay as hydrated as possible (dehydration can make the oil production worse), stay out of the sun (that’s just good common sense) and avoid really harsh products.

Combination skin doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you can use products that are kind to your skin. Just follow these tips and your skin should fall right in line. It’s really just that simple.



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