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Kristin Booker • June 26, 2013

Skincare 101: How to Change Your Skincare Routine for Hot Weather


Although this post is part of my role as a Brand Ambassador for Simple Skincare, the opinions expressed within are strictly my own.

Ok, so it’s officially hot outside. Like, really hot. Hot enough to make you rethink that whole heavy makeup and skincare routine, and you should. It’s like the blanket on your bed: would you consider to keep The Bed of a Thousand Blankets together all year and just smother in silence? NO, you would NOT. Same thing with your skin. It’s time to lighten up, so let’s talk about five quick ways you can get that accomplished:

1) Remove everything and throw things out. Take everything out of your makeup bag, your medicine cabinet, your bedside table and wherever else you keep your products and check out the consistencies. This is the ultimate time to check for expiration dates, breaking formulas (if you have a total separation of a foundation, it might be time to throw it away.) Any makeup that looks too old or dry is out. Smell your mascara wands – if they smell like gasoline, the formula’s breaking down and it’s time to go. Basically, use this opportunity to go ahead and take out anything that you KNOW you should be taking out anyway. Because old makeup is one of the worst things for your skin anyway.

2) Lighten up.  – Creamy foundations, makeup with a plum or grey undertone, thick matte formulas – all of them will look too flat on summer’s sun-kissed skin. Remove them from your makeup bag and look at them again in October. As far as skincare, a general rule of thumb is: summer = water, winter = cream. Gel formula cleansers (like Simple Skincare Refreshing Facial Wash Gel) are genius for those with oily skin, or use a moisturizing cleanser like Simple Skincare Moisturizing Facial Wash if you have normal-to-dry skin.

3) Try not washing your face twice a day. – Ok, hear me out on this one. Sometimes using a cleanser when you get up in the morning AND in the evening is a lot of stripping, which can cause excess sebum and breakouts for those with oily skin, and a dull/dry/not cute complexion on those with dry skin. I stopped washing my face in the morning three years ago and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I just splash my face with water and use Simple Skincare Facial Toner on my wet skin to remove any pillow-based impurities from sleeping. Add sunscreen and moisturizer and you’re good to go.

Gym goers,wipe your face post-workout with a good gentle facial wipe, particularly those with some nourishing and hydrating properties, like Simple Skincare Radiance Cleansing Wipes.

4) Drop the towel and air dry. – Here’s another tip that will help your skin, head to toe: let the air do all the work. Applying moisturizer over water just means that your skin gets an extra layer of hydration. Slather on your day cream or night cream right out of the shower, walk around in the buff or just throw on a robe. Your skin will dry in a couple of minutes and you’ll be amazed at how much cooler and softer you’ll feel.

5) Replace moisture every night. – Your skin is the largest organ of the body, and it’s also the one that takes the biggest beating when it comes to daily water loss. This leads to crazy oil breakouts or dry, itchy skin and, either way, it’s not okay because fine lines, wrinkles and general discomfort will ensue. Every evening, make yourself a promise to add a good vitamin-rich serum after you cleanse, and use a great vitamin-rich moisturizer, like Simple Skincare Vital Vitamin Night Cream.

This would be number 6, but it shouldn’t even be a reminder at this point: never leave the house without sunscreen on your body. Ever.

Be kind to your skin during the summer, and it will return the favor. Enjoy the glow of summer, feed your skin and remember to take some time to feed your soul. Be happy, take a break and make some memories this season. Really…it’s just that simple.




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