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Kristin Booker • August 12, 2009

Sneak Preview of the Jones New York Fall/Holiday Collection and an Interview with Lloyd Boston!

A little while ago, I was asked to the Jones New York showroom to preview the Fall/Holiday collection and to interview their spokeman, celebrity stylist Lloyd Boston. Since I was a corporate suit-wearing individual in my former life (more about that later), I have a soft spot for Jones New York’s well-made suits and corporate-friendly separates but let me just tell you: the brand is breaking out into some seriously fabulous stuff that will definitely throw a little editorial spice into your everyday wardrobe.

The photo above is of me in a piece that I feel everyone must have: a Shaker knit sweater jacket combined with a black faux fur vest. See that fabulous zebra trench up there? Yep, that’s another piece I’ll be needing post-haste, ASAP and without delay. Although, I just remembered these pieces aren’t available until November/December. I digress. Want to see more? Check out these photos:

At the preview, I had a chance to meet with Lloyd Boston, who couldn’t have been more gracious and friendly. I asked him about his picks for Fall from the JNY Collection and here’s what the famous stylist and tv personality had to say:

FSB: It was such a pleasure to meet you. What was behind your decision to partner with Jones New York?
Lloyd Boston: I have had the pleasure of working with Jones New York for nearly five years in total. When they asked me to be their exclusive “Style Guy” in 2007, I jumped at the chance. What an honor! As a Style Expert and author, I need “tools” around me to help illustrate my style strategies for women, both on television and in real life. Each season, JNY has exactly what works for me and my diverse audience. The relationship has been truly a fantastic blessing!

FSB: What is the most common wardrobe mistake most women make and how can these Jones New York pieces resolve this issue?
LB: Choosing the size they want to be, versus going with the size they really are. I find that JNY offers clothes that are really true to size, offer just enough forgiveness, and sculpt to all the right areas on a real woman’s body.

FSB: What are your top five picks for Fall? What are the key pieces any woman should have in her wardrobe to remain current?
LB: I would tell them to get these key pieces to look amazing for the upcoming fall season:
-The JNY Animal Print Jacket
– A JNY tweed skirt
– Signature Shape Jean
– JNY wide leg pant
– JNY printed skirt

FSB: Last but not least, what are some keys to looking your best at petite and plus sizes? Any tricks of what you should do to look your best.
LB: Here are my top three tips for both:
-Careful of pant and skirt lengths that fall mid-calf – a total danger zone!
-Choose bold colors or metallics for above the waist, especially for events in dimly lit rooms
-Make the most of your frame by selecting slightly cropped jackets, pants that skim the floor atop high heels, and belted waistlines

Plus Sizes:
-Body skimming clothes look much better than oversized garments
-Curves need a stage to shine. Find the ones you love, and highlight them using belts, lightweight layers, and a-line skirts. Don’t be afraid of prints, just in the right doses.
-Pants and jeans with a subtle flare leg are a great trick to balance out “boastful” hips

Don’t you love it when a celebrity stylist will give you tips and tricks that can help you shop? I mean, I know I DO, especially when it comes from someone as charming as Lloyd. This fall collection from JNY will be available in department stores soon so make sure you pick up these essentials for your own wardrobe and watch Lloyd in their StyleMiles videos for these kinds of fabulous wardrobe tips.

I still love my Jones New York suits and I mix and match them constantly because if there’s one thing that JNY has conquered is that well-made, well-constructed pieces are things that will last a lifetime with effortless style. And that, dear readers, is what it’s all about.


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