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Kristin Booker • February 3, 2015

Snow Day Stylin’


I haven’t shot outfit photos in, oh, almost a year. But I was so excited about the weight loss and the epic closet cleaning success that I thought, you know, it’s time to shoot again. And so, Ashley and I booked a play date to snap some photos.



What we didn’t count on in all that scheduling and emailing was that New York would suddenly be placed under blizzard conditions. Well, sort of blizzard conditions. But even though we didn’t get the 2-3 feet of snow we were planning on, we did shoot in 28 degree temperatures and three inches of snow fell from the time we started shooting until we stopped.

But the look on my face is real. I had the time of my life playing in the snow.



First of all, I love snow. Absolutely love it. The minute it starts to fall, I get that childhood excitement of a possible snow day. Not because I want anyone to experience hardship, but because for a few brief hours, it’s quiet. New York is never as still and silent as it is when there’s a heavy snowfall. We stop racing into and out of buildings, people are a bit more polite, and the city that never sleeps bundles in for a (albeit brief) winter’s nap.



The other thing that I like about these photos is that it appears my wardrobe overhaul (photos of THAT coming soon) was a success. I unearthed everything that didn’t suit me, any clothes that didn’t play well with others, and what I’m left with is a lot of open space and a much easier time getting dressed. I don’t flick through hangers anymore; the clothes come together almost instantly and I feel much more put together and happier leaving the house.



I no longer subscribe to the theory that stuff makes anyone happy…or at least I know it doesn’t make me any happier. I want to have the things I need plus a few things that make me happy and I’m good. I don’t need to have the best clothes, I don’t need to be better than anybody else: I just want to please myself and be free.


This is me: simply happy, enjoying a little bit of inclement weather.

What I’m Wearing: Goorin Good Boy Fedora; Magaschoni Black Angora Turtleneck Sweater; Zara Track Pants (sold out; other styles here); Banana Republic Adelia D’Orsay heels ; Old Navy handbag (similar styles here)

All photos in this post: Ashley Sears Photography. Shot in Harlem on January 26, 2015. All rights reserved.



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