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Kristin Booker • May 20, 2010

Spa Directory: Halo/Air Salt Rooms

Can taking a nap really help you with allergies, skin distress and other ailments? It definitely can if you’re taking a break in a fabulous salt room at Halo//Air Salt Rooms.

This super-sophisticated spa is designed to mimic the health benefits of the salt caves of Israel, where the extraordinary health of the miners has led to legendary reports of the healing powers of the cool, salty rooms. The treatment rooms at Halo are much less arcane and come with luxurious chaises, fuzzy blankets and flat screen televisions. You simply wrap up and watch a little television, read, relax or take a nap (which is what I did.) The rooms are covered in dead sea salt floor-to-ceiling and they pump a special mixture into the air while you relax for an hour. These treatments are perfect for those who suffer from allergies (hello, we’re in the worst allergy season in decades right now) and skin issues. There’s even a room for children where they can play while their parents relax and enjoy the healing benefits of the room with them.

Packages are available (and recommended), but if you’re tired of watery allergy eyes and respiratory distress, I recommend even just one hour-long session to see improvement (I slept better that night than I have in years, which is unusual for allergy season.)

You might not want too much salt in your diet, but I think adding a little salt to your spa therapy regimen is fabulous for your health.

Halo/Air Salt Rooms
$100 per hour, packages available
133 west 22nd street (btw 6th and 7th)


2 Responses to Spa Directory: Halo/Air Salt Rooms

  1. On the Glam says:

    This may be irrelevant/odd, but did your skin feel any drier afterwards? The ocean kills me for that exact reason…

  2. Kristin Booker says:

    I actually didn't have dry skin afterward, no. My skin actually stopped itching. That's saying something since I have REALLY dry skin.

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