Kristin Booker • February 3, 2015

Sponsored: So, I’m Giving Away A Really Awesome Mattress

When I made the decision to invest more time and energy in my health, I knew that certain things had to change. Diet? Check. Exercise? Check. But after nights of tossing and turning, I realized there was one more thing that had to be altered: I needed to protect my sleep.


I know it seems silly to say that sleep is something that needs to be protected, but think of all the things that can disrupt it: phones next to the bed, televisions on all night, using a computer, sleeping on a bad mattress/uncomfortable bed when you should really be getting a  mattress from the labor day weekend mattress sales to be able to sleep as comfortably as possible. Sleep is the only time you have during the day to replace what you give away. I repeat: the human body is not an endless battery; it must be recharged, and sleep is the only way to do that.

Long story short, I needed a better night’s sleep, and that starts with a really good mattress. After I read this nolah mattress coupon article, I decided a good sleep was no longer something I could justify holding off on. But there was a catch.

Getting a new bed in New York City is not exactly the easiest proposition unless you live in a doorman building with elevators, which I do not. Enter the good folks of Casper Mattress, who have completely reimagined how mattresses perform. Essentially, this genius product sleeps like a hotel mattress, right in between super firm and soft. The best way I can describe sleeping on it is that you feel cradled and supported. Side sleeping, stomach sleeping, back sleeping – it doesn’t matter how you rest because it works in all positions. A combination of premium Latex foam and Memory foam, it stays cool, absorbs movement, and is essentially my favorite thing in my apartment. I’ve never slept as well, and it made a recent back injury completely tolerable.



The best part? They send it to you in a box small enough to fit through the door. I am not kidding. My queen-sized slice of heaven arrived compression packed into what’s essentially a wardrobe box, and it came right through the front door. Open the box, and there’s a kit with instructions on how to open it. It breathes a sigh of relief as it reconstitutes and becomes, well, your best bed ever.

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A better night’s sleep is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Even better? I’m giving one Tempur Mattress away to a lucky winner. Sleep is so important yet so underrated.

YEP. You want a better night sleep? One lucky winner will win either a Lull mattress for kids or a Casper in any size they make them (twin, full, queen or king) shipped to your house. No P.O. Boxes, must live in the 48 contiguous states, US residents only. In order to win, leave me a comment on this blog post on why you need a better night’s sleep, and I will pick one winner at random this Friday, February 6th at 12 pm ET.

This is quite honestly the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done, and I’m THRILLED to do it. Enter to win below, and good luck!

This post is in partnership with Casper Mattress.




14 Responses to Sponsored: So, I’m Giving Away A Really Awesome Mattress

  1. Adiel says:

    I literally heard about Casper mattresses for the first time this morning and was instantly intrigued. As a new mom, my sleep hours are very limited so when I do get to sleep, I need it to be a good sleep. Sounds like the Casper mattress would be the missing piece to this particular puzzle.

  2. amanda flores says:

    As a newlywed, there’s plenty that can keep you up at night. And no, it’s not what you’re thinking. There’s the whole adjusting to a new life together–dividing up chores, bills to pay, who cleans what, and the list goes on. At the top of my “make our first year as husband and wife great” list is to get a mattress that ensures we both wake up on the right side of the bed!! Happy wife, happy life? Am I right, ladies?

  3. Dina Fierro says:

    I live downtown, in a construction-heavy zone, and sleep is at a premium! I could SO use a new Casper mattress.

  4. Colleen Reilly says:

    i desperately need a new bed! please save me from my old mattress.

  5. Nicole Basley says:

    I have seen the ads for Casper Mattress on the subway and it peaked my interest. As a person with herniated disks I need the proper mattress so it would be great to win this one and I am long overdue for a new mattress. Thanks!

    • Lori abeles says:

      Awesome! I need a better nights sleep because I have 2 kids who get me up early and keep me up late! I’m sleeping on a 20 year old mattress and waking up to teach multiple cycling classes a day. I need my back to be protected and cradled at night and the Casper mattress sounds like just the thing…and I need a better nights rest like nobody’s business!!!

  6. Lorraine Taylor says:

    I always love your information you share. What’s crazy is… You share so much that always seems relevant in my world! Lol… I’ve been searching recently for a new full size mattress for my daughter. I haven’t purchased a “good” mattress ever it seems. This one sounds delightful. I just want Delia (my munchkin) to sleep soundly so she is fully prepared to start each day fresh and rested. She tosses and turns so much and generally sleeps restlessly. She is quite a busy youngster and this sounds like something that would rejuvenate her engine each day. I would love to be the recipient of this wonderful give away!

  7. Amy says:

    I honestly have never heard of Casper mattresses before. My husband and I have had the same Beauty Rest mattress for over 10+ years and it has had it. It has lost its support and it’s making my husband’s back problems worse. Nevermind the 4 kids who have jumped and/or napped on it numerous times over the last decade! We need a new mattress, but it’s just “NITB” (not in the budget) right now. As working parents we could definitely use a good night’s sleep…it’s been too long!

  8. Colleen Boudreau says:

    Every mattress I’ve had has been an old hand-me-down, and I’m always tossing and turning.

  9. Tracy Stone says:

    I don’t think I’ve had a really good night of sleep in almost 14 years, which is around the time my first child came along. I love this idea of taking care of myself by protecting my sleep. As a fairly newly single mom of 4 boys, the thought of getting a new mattress sounds wonderful and would be much appreciated!

  10. Megan Dailey says:

    My last mattress was bought before my children were born and they’re both in Middle school now. I could use a better rest – did I mention the two kids in middle school!?

  11. Kris Shields says:

    The kids all have new mattresses, but we are still sleeping on the first mattress we bought when we were married seventeen years ago. I’d love to be spoiled a little and this mattress looks so very comfy it seems like it would be a real treat!

  12. Kate Critchett says:

    I would love to win a twin size CASPER mattress. I was in a car accident in May. Because of this, I am having issues with my back and neck. We are searching for the perfect mattress right now and the Casper bed sounds perfect!! Would love to win. ~~Kate

  13. Stacy D. says:

    I would love to win this! My husband and I are just starting our lives together so money is very tight right now. We married in 2011 and had our son in 2012. I need all the sleep I can get working a job and then coming home and running after his little butt! 🙂 The mattress we are sleeping on now is not the greatest, my husband got it from a lady his dad knew when he first moved out on his own! It’s a mattress on the floor, broken springs, lumpy and thin, rips, tears, and really gross old stains. I would say it has to be AT LEAST 40 years old. I toss and turn all night on it and just cant seem to sleep well. I’m constantly tired. And feel like i’m dragging all the time, I hate it!

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