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Kristin Booker • September 12, 2014

Sponsored: Life is But a Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Capsule

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, all opinions are my own.

There are many reasons I created Fashion.Style.Beauty: I wanted to create a blog I wanted to read, I thought there might be other people out there who might benefit from my crazy career as a beauty editor, and, most important, I wanted to convey the message that it’s entirely possible to change your life at any given point in your existence. Many of us have dreams, but not everyone will follow them. As someone who’s risked it all multiple times to follow all of mine, I hope you’ll take a chance to follow at least one of yours.


So, when the folks at Marc Jacobs Fragrances reached out to me to tell you about their Dream Capsule, I was pretty interested. The Dream Capsule on their site allows you to select images that appeal to you and to apply small captions to them, like a secret wish that only you will know about. Once you’ve selected your images and applied your captions, you save your capsule (and spread it to social media, if you so desire), and the brand will send it back to you in one year. My Dream Capsule is below. On it: more travel, more time in Los Angeles and Paris Fashion Week. I dream big.


I’m also a fan of the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream fragrance. After attending the launch in New York’s Madison Square Park in the bright sunshine, I love the ebullient spirit of the fragrance. They’ve pretty much captured it in the commercial, which is below if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet:


The 1.7 oz eau de toilette fragrance has a really youthful, light spirit to it without feeling, well, too young for all of us to enjoy. It’s fruity without being too frilly, opening with top notes of pear, grapefruit and blackberry, opening to a heart filled with jasmine, blue wisteria and lychee notes, and it dries down to a medley of white wood notes and musks and balances out with coconut water. It’s incredibly pretty and spirited. I think you’ll really love it.

I’m also sort of dying that Marc Jacobs curated a gorgeous “Daisy Dream” playlist on Pandora for the fragrance (you’ve seen the Monday Motivation Mixes, you KNOW I love this sort of thing.) Enjoy, mellow out…dream big.

The pricing for the fragrance starts at $24 for the rollerball (which is exclusive to Sephora,) and ranges from $52 for the small bottle to $76 for the mid-range size, topping out at $94 for the larger bottle.

We all wish life was but a dream, and now we can evoke that lightness of spirit in a fragrance that’s filled with endless possibilities, like the boundless spirit of daisies and blue skies. Paired with a wish or two each time you spritz, I hope that you’ll find your way to happier times, a love of your own beauty, and making just a couple of those Dream Capsule wishes come true. Sometimes, the lightness we seek comes from within us, and if a fragrance can capture that happiness for all who encounter us, so much the better. The world might be a better place if it were filled with daisy dreams. Let’s see if we can make that happen.


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  1. Sili says:

    Running to Sephora to get this. I love the idea of a dream capsule. You know I’m a fan of dreaming big. Yay!

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