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Kristin Booker • April 23, 2014

Sponsored: Patricia Field On Dressing The Other Woman

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Let’s face it: as a super fan of legendary costume designer Patricia Field, when someone says, “Hey, do you want to go to a movie screening and speak with her?” CLEARLY the answer is going to be “Yes.” Insert a profane word in front of “yes” and that would be my immediate response, but, you know, we won’t do that here. But let’s say that the immediate excitement was replaced with a sense of fear and panic.

This is a fuzzy photo of the look. I need to get a new iPhone, people. It's just not okay anymore. :)

This is a fuzzy photo of the look. I need to get a new iPhone, people. It’s just not okay anymore. :)

After all, what does one wear to meet the object of her fashion affection? I settled on a simple skirt/top/blazer combination and piled on the vintage jewelry, and was out the door to meet my hero.

2014-04-16 18.16.14

(l-r) Makeda of Glamazon Diaries, Lorna of The Fabulous Report, Ty of Gorgeous in Grey and Lara of Pretty Connected.

2014-04-16 18.22.28

Me with Julia DiNardo of Fashion Pulse Daily.

The event was a girl’s night out of other style and beauty bloggers, a packed house of friends sharing laughs. I ran into a few of my own there, featured in the photo above. And then Patricia Field walked in and the whole room sort of migrated toward her.

Me with the legendary Patricia Field. My hero.

Me with the legendary Patricia Field. My hero.

She’s petite, with a shock of red hair and glasses and always wearing an accessory that makes you instantly start calculating your credit limit. The Original Master of High/Low was polite, funny, and incredibly friendly. “May I take a photo with you?” I asked as she settled into the event. She smiled and patted my hand. “Is your request really that hard? Of course, dear. Let’s do it.” And with that, a friend snapped the shot above.

I settled into the screening of the movie in question, The Other Woman, which is coming this Friday to theaters all across the country. I’m also a huge Cameron Diaz fan, so they kind of had me with just the movie poster. The outrageous comedy, which centers around the unlikely friendships that form when three women bond have the shared experience of being wronged by the same man, is a cinematic guilty pleasure of female bonding and physical comedy. Leslie Mann is in a class all by herself in this one; you know you have a winner when you turn Cameron Diaz into the “straight man” in a comedy duo. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, and it’s a refreshing return to the camaraderie of women. Definitely make it a girl’s night out and get a few of your gal pals out for a movie night and maybe drinks and dinner afterward. It’s witty, sexy, and smart. You’ll love it.

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As for the fashion, Field is in her element with three talented, gorgeous actresses, and depending on your personal style, you’ll really engage with one of the three. What Field does best with ensembles of women (Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada and too many more movies to list here) is build an eye-catching, tightly-woven wardrobe that punctuates the dialogue. Cameron Diaz’ character is a sexy professional with a wardrobe of black and white and soft neutrals that are perfect for her time-starved character, Leslie Mann’s wardrobe is bright and incredibly feminine (think Charlotte from Sex and the City) but with clothes Mann can act in, and Kate Upton, who rounds out the trio is a bohemian beach babe with soft patterns and easy, breezy fabrics. Field is incredibly blase when you ask her intensely fan-based questions about favorite pieces; in her eyes, she’s just doing her job and she has zero ego about the fashion dynasty she’s left behind. According to her, she’s most inspired by working with — and learning from — top industry professionals like Meryl Streep, Sarah Jessica Parker and, most recently, Cameron, whom she called “a consummate professional. She came in with ideas, she’s incredibly on top of her game, and she’s easy to work with. I like working with professionals, they make the whole thing much easier.”

I won’t drone on, but a few more nuggets from the Q&A session after the movie screening. Field isn’t a fan of trends. “I hate trends,” she said matter-of-factly. “Because by the time something cool has made its way everywhere, it’s, you know, EVERYWHERE and it loses its magic.” When you ask her what her favorite piece of her own wardrobe is, she literally kicks up her heels and shows you a gorgeous pair of red leather driving moccasins. “A gift from a friend,” she said. But the most important piece of advice I took away from that evening was a thought around how we can learn to express ourselves. Patricia Field was adamant that it wasn’t the designer items that make a wardrobe, but that it was knowing the character, the body of the actress, and what looks best on them. “Some actresses don’t like to show their legs. Okay, we won’t show you legs,” she mentioned at one point. “I’m there to make you feel comfortable, to make sure the character come through and that the actor can embody that character.” Thinking about my own wardrobe, I started rearranging my own clothes after meeting the fashion and movie legend. Because the best-dressed people know their character and adorn themselves in what brings that character forth, wrapping themselves in clothes in which they’re comfortable and happy. Shouldn’t we all think about rearranging our clothes so they show everyone exactly who we are? Just a little something to think about.

At any rate, enjoy the movie!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fox through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about The Other Woman, all opinions are my own.



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