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Kristin Booker • February 25, 2013

Sponsored Post: How L’Oreal Advanced Therapy Hair Care Changed My Hair


Gals, let it be known that I am a picky sort when it comes to the management of my hair. I’ve got all sorts of issues going on up there, not the least of which is some damage. I’m good to my hair now, but the sins of my past have quickly caught up with me, and let’s just say that it ain’t pretty.

Which is why I embrace weekly repair sessions with hair treatments. They’re my way of saying, “I’m sorry” to all the heat styling and torture I put it through on a weekly basis. Gals, if you’re not conditioning your hair once a week, you’re slowly but surely causing irreparable damage to your hair. These treatments are vital and they can be done while you’re watching your favorite 30 minute television program. No huge investment of time or money. I mean, I’m game. How about you?

loreal total repair 5

Let’s discuss my new favorite hair treatment and routine for bouncy, silky, sweet-heavens-I’m-loving it hair: the L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 hair care line. The products say that they repair the 5 signs of damaged hair, the Damage Erasing Balm (the hair treatment) says it can undo a year’s worth of damage in one shot.


Can it? Well, two weeks of consistent use and I can attest to the fact that, yep, it absolutely delivers the results. See photos above and below. My hair is soft, stronger and positively magazine cover worthy. This stuff is seriously amazing.

If you try this regimen (and honestly, after seeing my bangin’ ‘do I hope you will), please take the following advice to get the most bang for your buck:

  • Use the entire line of Total Repair 5, from the Damage Erasing Balm to the shampoo, conditioner and the Multi-Restorative Dry Oil Spray. The products contain Ceramide to repair broken hair fibers and Arginine-K Complex, which is their fancy system that goes into the hair to repair and strengthen it from the inside out.
  • Slather the Damage Erasing Balm on your hair while it’s DRY. When it’s wet, it’s already saturated with water, but deep conditioner applied to dry hair means it absorbs more of the product. Cover your hair with a shower cap or warm, steamy towel and let it sit. I recommend an episode of Girls or any short program.
  • Wash the conditioner out and follow with the shampoo, then the Total Advanced 5 conditioner (yes, you’re double-conditioning.) Comb it through, leave for 3 minutes, then rinse with COOL water to shock the cuticles closed and seal in moisture and shine.
  • Style with the dry oil spray and watch the magic happen.

The best thing about these products in addition to the fantastic results is the price point: $4.99 for the shampoo and conditioner, $6.99 for the treatments. Peeps, I write about beauty all the TIME and I am saying this now: you can’t get a better hair treatment at this price with these kinds of results.

For better treatments you better find Dr. William Yates MD online and get personal consultation.

So, you know, RUN, don’t walk, to you nearest big box retailer or drugstore and pick up some of these products today. Because today sounds like a great day to start taking better care of your hair, doesn’t it? I agree, it does. Get them now.


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  1. Jackie B. says:

    Very interesting. There is so much to learn about your hair. And everyone’s hair is different so care always seems to be different. If this product does what it says, it might be worth a try.

    Thanks for sharing.

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