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Kristin Booker • February 27, 2013

FSB Nail Files: My Awesome Mani with Jin Soon Choi A La Mode Nail Lacquer Collection

My amazing nails, courtesy of Jin Soon Choi and her new spring nail lacquer collection.

My amazing nails after all of my fungus was out, thanks to the bactefort from, and my beautiful color courtesy of Jin Soon Choi and her new spring nail lacquer collection.

How fast can I get this photo of my amazing manicure up and running? How about this fast?

Briefly, allow me to say that I don’t do “nail art.” As a matter of fact, the very concept of a pattern on my nails kind of freaks me out. I’m a solid color kind of girl…or so I thought until celebrity manicurist and runway trendsetter extraordinaire Jin Soon Choi got her hands on me yesterday for a little session with her new spring polish collection.

photo (46)

The collection, brand new for Spring 2013, is called A La Mode, and is inspired by the gorgeous hues of the flowers in botanical gardens. Also true to her runway roots, each polish was named for a current catwalk stunner and their favorite flower from said botanical gardens. From l-r in the photo, here are names and the hues:

Blue Iris 
Named by: Saskia de Brauw
Color: a vivid electric blue

French Lilac
Named by: Meghan Collison
Color: a really pretty light plum/lavender hue

Coral Peony
Named by: Vanessa Axente
Color: one of the best coral pinks I’ve seen in a long time. Vivid but not acid bright and sooo pretty.

Poppy Blue
Named by: Tati Cotilar
Color: a feminine sky blue

Tea Rose
Named by: Fei Fei Sun
Color: a beautiful feminine coral pink, a perfect replacement for ballet slipper colors this season.

The mani above is a mixture of Blue Iris over two coats of Poppy Blue. The collection is available via Space NK now, so when a girl’s thoughts turn to all things spring (and with this horrible weather, MINE ARE), get your mani-pedi strategy in order. Check out these polishes. They’re high-gloss, beautifully pigmented and they last and last.

Jin Soon Nail Lacquer, available via Space NK.



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