Kristin Booker • April 3, 2010

Spring Hair Trend: How to Get The Fishtail Braid

Remember I was telling you about the fabulous Levi’s Fall presentation? Well, even though the collection was for fall, the hair was very new and now, especially with some of the models sporting the Fishtail Braid, one of spring’s hottest hair trends. One of my favorites, celebrity and runway hairstylist Rodney Cutler, was the man behind this killer look. For those of you looking to evoke a little rocker style this holiday weekend and beyond, here’s how to get the style straight from the man himself:

1) Spray Cutler Volumizing Spray ($21) into damp hair. Blow hair dry using your hands to rake and tousle your hair.
2) Secure a slightly off-center ponytail.
3) Fishtail braid the ponytail:  Start by splitting the hair in two sections. On the right hand side, take a small outside section and bring over and under with the left hand side. Repeat with the left hand side and continue until you get to the bottom.  Secure with a clear or tonal elastic, then lightly pull it loose to create a disheveled look and feel.

Quick, easy and so runway cool, right? Give it a try!


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