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Kristin Booker • September 30, 2013

Style Motivation Monday: Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair


The beginning of the week is always such a drag when it comes to style inspiration. Namely, because you’re trying to keep your head above water because you’re back to work (boo!) so you can make sure you get paid (yay!). This is why I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite style inspirations to help you figure out what to do with some basic items in your wardrobe. I mean, if you can do more with what you already have, that’s worthy of a Monday Night Victory Dance, right?

I have certain movies that sit atop the all-time Best Dressed Heroine list, and right in the top five sits Rene Russo as Katherine Banning in the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. Putting Russo at the top of the Best Dressed List for this movie would have quite possibly been complicated considering the prior movie had the ever-ravishing Faye Dunaway in the role, but former model Russo make her own mark in my fashion-loving heart in a wardrobe crafted by none other than Celine by then-designer Michael Kors. The movie, the woman, the wardrobe – they still make my heart flutter.


The beauty of Russo’s wardrobe in this movie is that it’s blissfully uncomplicated but impeccable in every way. Russo’s wardrobe is RICH but not ostentatious: sumptuous sweaters, a gigantic fox collar over a jacket, pearls draped over beautifully-crafted sweaters, fitted pencil skirts, gorgeous wool suiting and coats. Two outfits of note are items you can do with your own wardrobe: a fitted white button-down shirt under a black strapless dress (a personal favorite of mine,) and throwing your coats and jackets over your shoulders rather than donning them outright. Also, mixing leather with soft knits and wool…lots and lots of well-fitted leather is key.

And let’s not forget the infamous dance scene with the shimmering peek-a-boo slip dress. All fashion talk aside, the best line in the movie is in this scene: “Do you want to dance….or do you want to DANCE?”

Well, and the other best line in this movie comes at the beginning, where Crown asks Banning why none of her paramours are around very long. She takes a sip of her scotch and mutters, “Oh, well, men make women messy.”


A dapper Pierce Brosnan doing his thing is clearly always a win in my book, but let’s keep it to the fashion, kids: if you’re looking for some fall inspiration for your wardrobe and how to look like a million bucks with some simple wardrobe items, take a night, pop some popcorn and watch The Thomas Crown Affair. Send me photos of your new looks!



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