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Kristin Booker • February 7, 2010

Style Points: Historic Fashion and Beauty Commercials for Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and some of us will be watching the game like it’s a religious experience (GEAUX SAINTS!). For others, it’s a good opportunity to eat more than you should, drink more than is advisable and feign some level of interest until the commercials come on. Even though most of us have DVRs now and fast-forward through any advertisement possible, this is the one night a year where we look forward to watching Madison Avenue earn its paycheck. I’d like to mark the occasion by paying homage to some of the best classic fashion, beauty and style commercials of yore:

Who could forget the legendary Cindy Crawford commercial with the denim shorts that she was ABLE TO FIT INTO THE NEXT TIME?

And then, of course, we have the Victoria’s Secret Commercial for What is Sexy from 2002.

For you perfume fans, how about the Obsession by Calvin Klein commercials with Kate Moss?

And then, of course, Madonna and Missy Elliot hocking wares from the Gap.

Speaking of the Gap, two of my favorite people ever in a Gap commercial: SJP and Lenny Kravitz. Le sigh, le jealousy…

I would be remiss not to list some seriously old school commercials for fashion and fragrance, especially as a child of the 70’s. Who doesn’t remember these commercials for Charlie?

And we have to end it with my all-time favorite fragrance commercial: Jaclyn Smith in her ad for Epris. It’s my favorite of ALL TIME.

Enjoy the big game and the new commercials for this year’s Super Bowl tonight, y’all! WHO DAT?!? GEAUX SAINTS!


One Response to Style Points: Historic Fashion and Beauty Commercials for Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Lianne Farbes says:

    I love that SJP one because it showed how to put together "Carrie" type looks on the cheap. I liked it even more after I read an article saying she took it because she was convinced that SATC wouldn't take off ad she needed the money. I have always loved how humble she is….

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