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Kristin Booker • January 14, 2011

Stylish Entertaining: Three Celebrity Style Insiders Give Expert Advice on How To Throw The Ultimate Golden Globes Party!

In case you were unaware, awards season has started and that means that the new year’s party season is officially off to a rolling start. When it comes to awards season, the Golden Globes is the most fun party of the year, so why shouldn’t you follow suit and throw your own fantastic little soiree for the event?

In the spirit of true style, I reached out to three women who I not only admire for their mark on the world of fashion and style but for their ability to throw memorable parties. Want to throw your own fabulous awards show bash? Here’s advice straight from three impossibly stylish women:

Jewelry designer Dana Lorenz is known for her stylish jewelry lines, Fenton and Fallon. A creative force that has turned the accessories world upside-down with her signature designs, she’s also quite fond of throwing the perfect bash. Her advice? “I love going glamorous for awards shows! Candles, champagne, dress-up, the works! My friends and I are VERY opinionated and loyal to the shows and actors we love so we always have a pre-show voting on who we think will win. Make it fun by creating a ballot and collect the answers before watching- reveal and tally the answers at the end for a prize-winning winner. Watch out! The debate gets heated!”

Legendary stylist/designer Lori Goldstein is a fashion industry great who has styled Madonna among other notables in addition to creating her new QVC line LOGO by Lori Goldstein. She wants to, of course, advise you on what to wear. “When I entertain at home, I love to wear some of my favorite clothes that are over the top and that I don’t get a chance to wear a lot. I have gorgeous long dresses that look just as stylish paired with bare feet as they do with the heels I inevitably want to kick off the second i get somewhere. They’re as comfortable as PJs but still so incredibly glamorous. I love to pile on the jewelry and accessories. Around my place, we inevietably we end up playing dress up at some point of the night, something we all love to do, so encourage a fabulous dress up party that mixes glamour and comfort for yourself and your guests.”

Finally, we have advice from one of my entertaining idols, Lara Schriftman. Half of the PR powerhouse company Harrison & Schriftman, Lara is a luxury, fashion and lifestyle expert, has served as a correspondent for Extra, one of the powerhouses behind and has co-written four books on entertaining: Fete Accompli, Fete Accompli Workbook, Party Confidential and Party Confidential: New Etiquette for Fabulous. Lara gave a fabulous checklist of ideas for you to try:

  • Set up a mini cupcake bar. The taste size cupcakes at CRUMBS Bake Shop are perfect for this. If you don’t have a CRUMBS nearby, look on their website ( for inspiration for flavors!
  • Keep all food bite size so it is easy to eat, plate and serve. If you don’t want to cook, order in pizza or sushi.
  • Keep to a black and white theme like a film.
  • If you have multiple tables, name them after actors or films nominated.
  • Move your furniture around to create lounge-like vignettes.
  • Have friends come dressed as if they were attending the Globes

With all this fantastic advice, you’re bound to throw an incredible party for the Golden Globes. Stay tuned for more entertaining ideas from the experts. It’s time to party, people!


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