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Kristin Booker • February 5, 2011

Stylish Food Obsession Of The Day: The Barbie Cupcake From Magnolia Bakery

Ok, so I’ve told you about this new campaign that Ken has to win Barbie back? I know, I KNOW we’re all adults here but it’s sweet and it’s Barbie and – honestly – you know you care. 🙂

Back to it, well, evidently as part of this whole campaign the burnin’ hunk of plastic is displaying to win back his long-time love (who, you know, dumped him a few years back) is to create a whole new cupcake in her honor.

A paparazzi caught Ken purchasing the cupcake at Magnolia Bakery's West Village location.

That’s right, everyone’s beloved Magnolia Bakery is now serving The “Barbie” Cupcake. A sugary confection created in their highly-addictive manner, the delicious dessert is a classic vanilla or chocolate cupcake iced with Barbie-approved shades of pink buttercream icing and sparkling sugar crystals, all topped with a white chocolate heart love note from Ken.

I don’t really get into Valentine’s Day BUT I am into Barbie and every one of you knows someone out there who loves Barbie (and Magnolia cupcakes – hello!) enough to order this amazing confection. This is honestly what I could consider to be the “sweetest” Valentine’s Day gift for girly girls of all ages. Who turns down Magnolia Bakery cupcakes created for everyone’s favorite doll? WHO?

I digress. Take a note from Ken, folks – these signature cupcakes are a totally classy and unique way to win someone’s heart. But you’d better act soon – they’re only available through February 14th and once they’re gone, you’ve got to come up with something else to win the heart of your favorite doll.

The “Barbie” Cupcake, available at Magnolia Bakery locations in NYC and LA from now through February 14th.  Click for more information.

p.s. – to follow more of the adventures of Barbie and Ken (will they reunite?), follow along via, and via Twitter (BarbieKen). Yes, it’s childish but in today’s day and age, isn’t a little innocent fun so needed? Give in, folks. It’s adorable.


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