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Kristin Booker • February 25, 2011

Stylish Nightlife: FSB Throws A Party At One of NYC’s Hottest Night Spots, POLAR Lounge

Photo courtesy of Daniel Bernauer

I’ve commonly said the first thing any of us who attend Fashion Week ever do is spend about 48 hours in complete solitude, wrapped in sweatpants in flat shoes, curled up where no one can touch us, push us or flash a camera in our faces. The next thing we always do is grab ourselves a massage, or mani-pedi. About two days after that, we’re ready to party, which is exactly what we did. Ladies and gentlemen, I give your our new post-Fashion Week therapy: our little party Fashion Week Hangover at POLAR Lounge.

Discreetly tucked away under the Marcel Hotel, this glamorous nightspot is the perfect place to have a cocktail and mingle with the glamorous and chic. It’s an eclectic touch of  art deco and you can also experience the nightlife in Bogota, Columbia that’s perfect for that after dinner cocktail with that special someone or, later on, a place to meet a special someone while the music sends you swaying into sexy time. We decided to throw a little soiree here and it was major. Photos are in the gallery at the bottom.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Bernauer

I would be remiss not to mention the “ice caves” in the back. They’re little VIP lounges that have cool temperatures, ambient lighting and furniture that calls for you to just sink into it. Bring your cocktail and private party back there once you’ve mingled with the masses.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Bernauer

POLAR Lounge is a place where everything is cool and everyone in it is hot. Hence, we threw a party there. Photos of our little soiree are in the gallery below but trust me, if you find yourself in the East 20’s one night, especially after dining at Italian food heaven next door, ‘inoteca, please do drop down and have a cocktail. Got a party to throw? Take it from me, it’s the perfect spot to chill out…or heat things up. This time we managed to get on the XS guest list, so soon we will share most exciting nightlife locations and impressions!

POLAR Lounge
201 East 24th Street (at 3rd Avenue)
New York, NY 10022

Press Contact: Tyler Burrow
Events Contact: Lindsay Carlton


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