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Kristin Booker • April 9, 2012

Stylish Role Models: Barbie Is Running For President!


If you were anything like me as a little girl, you LOVED playing with Barbie.

Barbie is how I got to act out all my original fantasies of who I wanted to be when I grew up. As a matter of fact, my Barbie dolls are the recipients of my first artistic pursuits. I sewed clothes for my dolls, they traveled around the world (my bedroom and the front yard of my house) having great adventures. They were the subjects of my first photographs. In short, Barbie has a lot to do with who I am today.

In an age where we need a gal to stand up and lead the charge for young women today, it gives me great pleasure to announce that our favorite doll is running for President again (she’s been running every season since 1992!) It’s also for a great cause. President Barbie is being released in partnership with The White House Project, which is a nonprofit that seeks to encourage women into politics.

The platform of the "B Party"

As a member of the “B Party,” everyone’s favorite doll is suiting up to inspire young girls to be good to each other, be informed, learn how they can make a difference, then to stand up and be counted. You can count me in for her “Glam-Paign.” I’m on board!

Here she is, Candidate Barbie!

We all know that a gal can’t hit the glam-paign trail without a fabulous wardrobe (because, let’s face it, others have tried that route and it just didn’t go so well.) Barbie can thank none other than fashion darling designer Chris Benz for her gorgeous glam-paign look. How much do you love the appropriate skirt suit with a red, white and blue ruffled lapel?

The official sketch for Barbie's campaign look, designed by Chris Benz.

Benz was so excited at the unveiling of the doll (which I was excited to attend) and spoke to how the look for the doll was feminine but strong.

Designer Chris Benz at the unveiling of the doll.

Oh, and unlike other Barbie dolls, this one has magnets in her shoes, so she can stand on an invisible platform ON HER OWN TWO FEET. People, DO NOT LOSE these shoes. A gal needs to be independent of a wire stand!

The mood board for Barbie's campaign wardrobe.

I think this is a great way to start discussions about leadership with young women,  because when she hits stores in August, every girl will be able to see themselves in Barbie; the doll will be released in four races – Caucasian, Black, Asian and Hispanic. Plan on grabbing one for your favorite budding leader..or for yourself!

After all, it doesn’t matter what your political affiliation may be…everyone can be a member of the B Party and no one – I repeat, NO ONE – is too old to play with Barbie dolls.


2 Responses to Stylish Role Models: Barbie Is Running For President!

  1. Desiree says:

    where oh where can I get the “barbie for president” sign and buttons?

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