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Kristin Booker • March 6, 2010

Stylish Shopping: Consolidate All Your Online Sample Sales with MyNines

Those of us who are too busy to live are finding the thrill of the sample sale delivered to our desks every day without fail. I have known women to fire off angry missives to coworkers who DARE schedule a meeting during this time of day. I have SHOPPING to do, thank you. The TPS reports can wait until these jeans are safely in my online cart.

The problem is now that we’re also too busy to get sixteen thousand emails a day telling us what’s on sale where. Wouldn’t it be cool to consolidate everything so that you know what’s going on sale at the various online sample sale sites based on your preferences? One-stop sample sale shopping, so to speak?

Yes, it would. Which is why I’m sharing a little slice of awesome with you that you need to go ahead and sign up for right now. Launching Monday: MyNines.

Created by some fabulously sharp folks who were also overwhelmed by the onslaught of sample emailsthey received, it’s a service that consolidates multiple sample sale memberships into one place. You can select  fashion, men, travel, beauty and wines as categories and they will consolidate the sales into one location so you can plan accordingly. Even better, there’s a forthcoming search feature that will allow you to search by your favorite designers, highest discount and most viewed. You can even do a description search (i.e. “cateye sunglasses”). Coming soon will be an alert system, where they’ll email you when your favorite designer or your sought-after Holy Grail of a product is available. Mine will be set to “Young Fabulous and Broke”. Expect a post about not screaming in the office once I receive this alert.

The site is launching any day so I highly recommend getting in on the ground floor now. With sites like TheOutnet, Editor’s Closet, Billion Dollar Babes, The Fairest and WiredforWines already participating and new sites being added every day, this promises to be a fabulous service. Head to the homepage and sign up now. It launches MONDAY.


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  1. Cafe Fashionista says:

    This is truly not going to quell my shopping habit!! 🙂

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