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Kristin Booker • June 15, 2014

Because Monday Is Coming: Sunday Mellow Meditation Mix

Monday is on its way.

That very thought can really take me out of my Sunday. I start freaking out about all the things I need to do during the week and it leads to a crazy sort of manic state that takes me out of enjoying all that Sunday has to offer. I find myself begging Sunday to stick around a little longer, already thinking about what Monday will bring.

Folks, we have to milk every moment out of Sunday we can.

And so, I’m throwing over a mix that I’ve been playing all afternoon while I clean and organize products. It’s been so incredibly nice to just relax and soak in the sun while jamming out to some classic and current chill tunes. Hopefully, this will help you stay in today as well.

Be mellow. Meditation. There’s nothing to stop Monday from getting here, but we can at least enjoy the moments while they last.



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