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Kristin Booker • July 13, 2015

Tech Style: Love in a Multi-Platform World

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost two years since I met my boyfriend. I had taken four years off dating before we met to figure out exactly what I wanted out of a relationship. I’m excited that I found him pretty quickly. He’s turned out to be a great partner and friend in romance, business, and life in general. I love him to pieces. He’s a good egg.

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Like most couples, we share a lot of things. You know, like every surface of his bathroom and most of his drawers in the bedroom. His apartment is inundated with beauty products and a considerable amount of clothing. That happened because a) I am a woman, and “this” doesn’t just happen all by itself; and b) I work pretty much everywhere, which means not only am I testing products at his place, but so is he.

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When it comes to work, we also find ourselves working together quite often on a weekly basis. Because we’re both freelancers, our home offices extend to anywhere we can get a spot to work. It also means that all our devices have to not only keep us sane on the subway, airplanes, trains, and in between appointments, but they have to perform office duties in a flash.

That said, we’re like every couple in the fact that we have our preferences.


My boyfriend is a diehard Android fan. He has a Samsung phone and a Nook tablet that he uses regularly. He’s a PC user, and also has a Surface Pro 2 that he takes with him everywhere. He’s a tech savvy branding consultant, which means he can consult with you on the best approach for your business while performing research on multiple screens with catlike agility. It’s daunting to watch him work, sometimes, really. He’s a tech ninja.


I, on the other hand, tend to work between Microsoft and all items with an “i” in front of it, with my iPhone and Surface Pro 3 coming with me everywhere. My needs are simple: I need to be able to deliver written articles while editing photos and managing social media at any point of the day. Sometimes, I have to do it from a phone (I have written whole articles in Word on my phone, by the way) and other times I can sit down and do it with a tablet/PC on my lap.

Now that Microsoft Office 365 is available now on all platforms (Android, PC/Windows, and Apple) and devices (phones, tablets, and PC & Mac laptops and desktops) I think both of us find working remotely less frustrating, but it’s also made dating a tad easier. I can share documents and videos with him via the OneNote cloud, we can plan dates and travel excursions. I love the fact that when either of us spend time at the other’s apartment, we can just sign in and work. I’m learning to play around on Android, he’s becoming more savvy on the iPhone.

We’re packing for a road trip as we speak, and I was just staring at this awesome pile of technology in the middle of the pile of items we intend to take with us. We’re heading out to Long Island at the end of next week to spend some much needed time hiking and exploring, but this pile of technology won’t be far from reach.


He said, “It’ll be nice to take our little family out for some peace and quiet.” I paused for a second. Yes, I believe we are becoming a family….and a multi-platform one at that. I may never come to the Android side, and he may never do my Surface/iPhone dance. But we love each other, and we can agree on one thing: Office 365 is pretty much the other thing other than that love that makes our world go ‘round.


This post is brought to you as part of my partnership with Microsoft as an Office Champion. However, all opinions expressed within this post are strictly my own.


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  1. Sili says:

    YASSSS! I loved this post! Lovededed it! True, true and true. Have fun while you’re away (read: take me with you!).

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