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Kristin Booker • April 3, 2010

Technology Style: New Cases and Accessories for the iPad

If you’re not spending time with family right now during this holiday weekend, chances are you’re in line for the new iPad. With reports of lines around the block and Twitter blowing up with “sold out” messages, I’m pretty sure more than a few of you are getting your hands on Apple’s new step in world domination. As a matter of fact, you might be reading this message on an iPad right now. If so, how do I look? 😉

Everyone who has an Apple device knows part of the fun is accessorizing it. Skins, cases, juice packs – there’s a little something out there to make your new device as cute as it is functional. In which case, InCase has you covered with some stylish solutions for your new device:

The Grip Protective Cover ($39.95) is a durable silicone rubber case with two molded rails on the back that allow you grip your iPad with two hands in the landscape position. For those not looking to two-hand the device, the Protective Cover ($39.95) features the same silicone rubber protective casing but with a flat back panel. Both come with cutouts to allow users full access to the iPad controls and a viewing stand.

The Neoprene Slip Sleeve Plus ($39.95) is a cool sleeve for the iPad that features a slip entry opening for easy device access, reinforced seams to protect the device, and InCase’s signature faux-fur lining for scratch protection. It also comes with a viewing stand.

For those of you on the go or traveling quite a bit, the company has created the Convertible Book Jacket ($59.95), a portfolio-style case that secures the device during travel and allows for easy display in landscape position. The design turns the case from a closed portfolio to a viewing stand when opened. Pretty genius, no?

You’ll also want to pick up some chargers while you’re at it. Both their Combo Charger ($34.95) and Car Charger ($24.95) work with iPad and feature a powerful 2-amp output USB port. Because a powerless Apple devices renders you, well, powerless. We all know how much THAT can suck.

InCase products are available via any Apple store or feel free to log onto your iPad (iPhone, iPod Touch, MacBook, etc) and order via their website. Either way, if you’re going to get the hottest device in technology, you need to make sure it looks that way. Accessorize accordingly.


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