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Kristin Booker • January 4, 2016

The 45 for 45 List

It’s taken a long time (44 years, in fact,) to realize I have the unique opportunity to create better, more amazing things that will occur in the future. I can shift my thoughts and attitude to create pretty much anything I want in life. It’s how I got to New York and created a writing career from nothing. It’s the same spirit that I seem to have forgotten last year when things got really rocky.

To quote that movie from a couple of years ago, “Look at me. I am the Captain now.”

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a new set of intentions. Last year, I created the 44 for 44 Challenge, a whole set of experiences that I wanted to have in the past twelve months. I accomplished 10 of the 44. What I realized after reviewing the list at the end of the year is I made five key mistakes when crafting this mad list of lovely aspirations:

  1. I made some of the goals too big
  2. I didn’t put concrete deadlines around some of them
  3. I honestly only looked at the list twice during the entire year
  4. Some of them were kind of vain
  5. I called the list a “challenge,” which really put it in the wrong context. I GET to do these things; I don’t HAVE to do them.

All of which is to say that I made a great list (YAY,) but I didn’t make it achievable (boooo.)

Over the past few weeks, I crafted a whole new list for this year, and I think these are all fun, achievable, and items that will really get me up in the morning. They’re not resolutions, but a list of intentions and experiences I would really like to have or achieve in the coming twelve months.

Without further ado, here is The 45 for 45 List, which is now printed and on my vision board above my desk so I have to remember them every, single day (they’re also on my phone in OneNote🙂

  1. Put myself and my needs first every day – I don’t do this currently. I put everything and everyone (clients, relationships, random passersby) before my own needs.
  2. Create something artistic every week – I’m an artist by nature. I came out of the womb wanting to paint, draw, write, and work with my hands. I have to get back to this. I miss being fulfilled.
  3. Show up for Fashion.Style.Beauty every day – I think we can all appreciate what this means. It’s my promise from me to you back to me.
  4. Say no to depletion, say yes to abundance – It kind of goes hand in hand with number 1, but I have to practice this regularly. I have a tendency to watch the word “Yes” flying out of my mouth before I can catch it.
  5. End all soul-sucking relationships – We all have some. This is the year to cut, trim, and reduce. I only have enough energy for myself, and the time for giving more than I have is officially over.
  6. Train for a marathon – BUCKET LIST ITEM. Always wanted to do it, never done it right. Hiring a running coach, going for it.
  7. Take a knitting class – Another bucket list item. I want to create my own clothes, but I don’t know how to knit. My mother started a baby blanket when she was pregnant with me, but the chairs in the class were too uncomfortable for her to finish the class. Therefore, she knows how to start knitting, but she never learned how to close off a stitch. I promised I would finish my baby blanket after I learn how.
  8. Eat more plant-based, whole foods – I just feel better eating this way, and the more I learn about what’s happening with my own body along with the planet due to the way we eat, I have to make this a priority. I’m also obsessed with the No Meat Athlete site and podcasts. Matt is amazing. I also consider Kimberly Snyder one of my gurus, and I just want to try something new.
  9. Go on a yoga retreat – This has been on the docket for five years. I just really, really want to do this.
  10. Take a pasta-making class – Another thing I’ve always wanted to learn how to do. I have this awesome butcher block island in my apartment, and I want to mess it up.
  11. Take a surfing class – EEEEEE! I want to be one of those crunchy old rocker chicks who surfs every morning when I get older. Time’s-a-wastin, so I should figure this out.
  12. Learn how to lap swim – At some point, I have this wild idea about completing a triathlon. I can swim, but I don’t have a powerful stroke, nor do I have a good, steady crawl. I figure this could come in handy, and there are plenty of places around NYC and of cource outside the US that provide services like adult Toronto private swimming lessons. My friend Mimi Chen, herself a yogi and triathlete, suggested Asphalt Green.
  13. Complete 90 days of yoga – Today is Day 42 of 90. I’m almost halfway through, and the best part is that when I can’t make it to a class, I can do it at home. I have a WHOLE post this week on a home-based yoga practice. Can’t wait to share this with you.
  14. Meditate once a day – Just started this yesterday, and I am all about making this a regular part of my day. It’s either this or I have to hire a Sanity Coach that walks around with me every day going, “Perhaps you should think of a better way to handle that situation. Put the pint of ice cream down and take a breath.”
  15. Go hiking – I used to love to do this when I was growing up, and I miss all that fresh air and sunshine. I mean, I have the Girl Scout badges; why not put them to good use?
  16. Try one new recipe a week – I am SO excited about this one. I have 9 cookbooks sitting on my bookshelf, and about 25 listed in my Amazon Wish List. I LOVE to cook, and I’m evidently quite good at it. My unstated goal with this item is that I want to cook at home more than I eat out, so I’d better learn some variety or I’ll get lazy and won’t do it.
  17. Find my gurus – Just mentioned Kimberly, and you know about my yogi Stefanie Eris, but this is the year to find those other guideposts in life, like Gabrielle Bernstein, Marie Forleo, and Kris Carr.
  18. Watch the sunrise from a beach on the East Coast – Bliss.
  19. Watch the sunset from a beach on the West Coast – More bliss.
  20. Travel once a month – I’ve gotten to travel a bit more in the past few years, but my soul really thrives on the road. If I can afford to go big, I will, but even hopping on the train and exploring a new part of New York could be fun. At any rate, I have to get up and go.
  21. See a movie or do something decadent once a month in the middle of the day – One of the best parts of being my own boss is that I set my own schedule. This sort of punctuates that privilege.
  22. Plant a garden in my backyard – I have that rare advantage in the city of having the main backyard to my building all to myself. That means I have no excuse not to plant a garden back there so I can grow my own veggies.
  23. Get published in The New York Times – That’s a career pinnacle for me. I have to work on that this year.
  24. Spend more time with my friends – I think a lot of my friends assume since I’m in a relationship that I’ve forgotten about them, but the truth is that I’ve been working too much. Even my boyfriend doesn’t get as much time as people think he does. This is the year of More Of What Makes Me Happy.
  25. Create a home-based yoga practice – Again, more about this later, but now that I have the means and the equipment, life is so amazing.
  26. Make effort with my appearance during the week – I know that sounds strange coming from someone who works in beauty and loves fashion, but it’s absolutely true. I have attended press events looking less-than-desirable. At some point, I sort of gave up. This is the year I get my mojo back.
  27. Support other women changing the world – There are so many worthwhile causes out there. I want to learn about and support more of them as best I can.
  28. Finish my manuscript – I have the outline and notes for a book that I’ve wanted to write for years. I think this is the year to dedicate some time every day to finishing it, even if it’s notes while I’m riding the subway.
  29. Eat my way from San Francisco to Los Angeles – I mean, how fun would THAT be?!? The PCH is gorgeous, and to drive and eat my way down the coast of California would be MAGICAL.
  30. Try a new nail polish every week – Again, don’t do a lot with my appearance because I’m spending too much time focused on everyone else. Need to make that happen.
  31. Take every Friday off this summer – This goes along with companies who give Summer Fridays. I have a company. I’m mandating Summer Fridays this year.
  32. Eat at By Chloe – Amazing, yummy vegan food.
  33. Eat at Dirt Candy – More amazing, yummy vegan food.
  34. Publish my first travel article – Another career goal of mine. Just a little something I’d like to try.
  35. Hit a food festival – Maybe music will be involved, but I missed almost ALL of these last year, and it just seems like so much fun!
  36. Adopt a rescue pet – Another life goal. My goal would be to rescue a dog from a kill shelter on Christmas Eve, but we’ll see how this goes.
  37. See an NFL game at a stadium – GO PANTHERS!
  38. Run a Tough Mudder – This looks crazy and like a lot of fun. I wonder if I can find a few other insane people to run it with me…?
  39. Attend a Wanderlust – Yoga, running, dancing, wellness, meditation, beach/mountains drumming circles…..I’m all in.
  40. Take a road trip with my boyfriend – This is the year the dude meets the Mom, so I think we’re going to make a road trip out of it. Hilarity is bound to ensue.
  41. Take a vacation by myself – I used to do this all the time, but now more than ever I believe it’s crucial to refill yourself BY YOURSELF.
  42. Upgrade my shoe wardrobe – I really, really need some new footwear. Really. This is not a drill.
  43. See Pearl Jam – The last time I saw Pearl Jam was on their first tour in the 90’s. That’s a really long time ago. I would love to see how the boys are doing.
  44. Attend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony – CHEAP TRICK, y’all. NWA. Steve Miller. Chicago. I missed Hall and Oates last year. Won’t do that again. It’s in my Brooklyn. I should be able to make that work.
  45. Take Mom to Vegas to see Lionel Richie – My mother loves her some Lionel. Should I make time in my schedule to see the little woman who gave birth to me go insane over “Dancing on the Ceiling?” Yes, I believe we can get this locked down.

These are my intentions. This is my year. I’m staking my claim. I’m going to make it happen. Hopefully, you’ll join me for some — or ALL — of the fun. Here we go, 2016! Let’s do this!






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