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Kristin Booker • March 31, 2010

The Best Beauty Product You Don't Know About: Aromachology Perfume Bar

Scent is such a personal thing, isn’t it? Not only are you particular about the scent of your body, but most of us take it all the way: we want our houses, our laundry, even our cars to smell a certain way. Every woman knows that the quest for the perfect perfume can sometimes seem impossible. We smell a million different scents and always say the same thing: “Is this ME?” Problem is, without jetting to an expensive apothecary and having a scent signature crafted for your (and then waiting for it to be created), we spend our lives having complex relationships with scent. Like Goldilocks, we want the one that’s “just right.”

Enter my new Favorite Thing On Earth, Aromachology. A small company started by the lovely Kirsten Menkes and Ashlee Firsten (who later became sisters-in-law, funny story), these two combined their respective PR/marketing and engineering backgrounds with their love of beauty into a scent company that is truly unique and a slice of genius for all. When you visit their perfume counter at Henri Bendel’s, you fill out a survey that explains aspects of your personality, scents to which you are drawn, and other things that make you uniquely, well, YOU. Based on this survey, you will then have a personality type drawn together which should draw you to one of five base scents (a “fragrance personality) and then you can add up to three separate “attributes” (essential oil blends which act as top and middle notes, of which there are fifteen) based on aspects of your personality to create your own fragrance.

 Jamie Sanders of The Beauty of Life and Eileen Dautruche of Miss Whoever You Are enjoying their custom scents

It’s quite genius actually, because the base is a category of scent to which you’re already drawn but the attribute really do evoke parts of your own personality. When I attended the launch, I was surrounded by fellow beauty journalists and none of us picked the same bases and, lo and behold, none of us had the same scent. Each of us had a scent that was uniquely our own and ALL of us loved our own fragrance as well as that of our friends. I would tell you what mine is but I don’t want to sway you. I’ll give you a hint: my base is “Woodsy” and one of my attributes is “Creative.” If I told you the rest of it, I’d have to kill you. 🙂

The small travel sizes retail for $65 and the larger vanity-sized bottles retail for $120. Each finished fragrance comes in a gorgeous container and you can honestly say that no one else has your fragrance. Name it whatever you like, then come back and create another one based on another mood or aspect(s) of your personality.

No more hunting for your own signature scent. You created it all on your own. It’s not magic, it’s not alchemy….it’s Aromachology.

Available at Henri Bendel’s in New York City


2 Responses to The Best Beauty Product You Don't Know About: Aromachology Perfume Bar

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this! I hate it when people ask me what perfume I'm wearing because I don't what them to go buy it!! This way I'll always smell unique – very cool.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sounds a little lame… but nice write-up,at least props to those two for thinking outside the box

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