Kristin Booker • August 31, 2009

The Breakover Diaries: We’ve Got Your Back

One of the hardest things about a breakup are those special times when you used to rely on your ex to do certain things: opening jars, grabbing things off the high shelf and having someone do your back when you need to put on lotion or scrub your back in the shower. That last one used to be kind of hard…until now. Ladies, I present Do My Back.

The brainchild of the fabulous Kate Slavin, the idea came to her when she decided to take a vacation after the breakup of a long-term romance. She was sitting by the pool and realized that she didn’t want to ask just anyone to put lotion on her back. Realizing other singles everywhere must have the same issue, she came home and began researching devices that would take care of the situation. Since there was no device that would put lotions and potions on her back, she invented one.

This little gadget can be extended to reach further down your back and it comes with four applicator sponges that you can use, detach, wash and reuse again. Lotion, sunscreen, self-tanner or just a general back scrub in the shower: all of these tasks are now completely doable on your own and the device never asks you if you shave you legs. Kinda special, isn’t it? I love mine.

Do My Back retails for $22 and refill pads are available in a pack of six for $12. I recommend this product for those going through a breakover and even for those who aren’t because, let’s face it, sometimes sisters just need to do it for ourselves.


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