Kristin Booker • November 18, 2009

The Cure For Everything Skin: Amore Pacific

About once a week I go through what has now come to be a bit of a comedy routine. Someone asks me how old I am. I tell them. They don’t believe me. I repeat my age and without fail, I get asked about my skincare routine. Really, other than some powerful genetics, my philosophy is really simple: I generally leave my skin alone and I use the absolute best skincare products I can.

Which is why since I love you, I’ll tell you where I go and what I do to keep my decrepit self looking young and youthful. Outside of pagan rituals that can only be performed on a full moon under a willow tree…

No, I’m just kidding. I head to Soho and get facials and skincare products from Amore Pacific, the genius skincare company from Korea. I’ll be honest with you: I had good skin before I started getting treatments and using their skincare regimen, but now I can honestly say that I have some of the best skin I’ve ever had in my life. The company is setting a whole new standard in skincare using some ancient remedies (such as food-grade botanicals from Asia) in mixtures that are some of the most potent and effective skincare products on the market today. The line started 60+ years ago when founder Sung-Hwan Suh discovered that indigenous Asian botanicals (green tea, Korean red ginseng, bamboo sap) were key to good health and longevity and a great effect of this was youthful skin.

The company still follows many of his ideals today, including the practice of harvesting their plants at optimum times to ensure maximum efficacy. I’m a big fan of Amore Pacific products because the products are built to nourish your skin. Yes, please consider the fact that your skin is an organ. Whatever you do to your skin, you’re doing to an organ of the body. Your skin “eats” whatever you use on it, so if you wouldn’t want to ingest the product in any way, why would you place it on the largest organ of your body? Makes sense, doesn’t it? You buy the best food you can afford to eat, right? For my argument, same goes for my skin

If you’re here in NYC, I highly recommend heading over to their spa in Soho to experience their mind-blowing therapies. My sensitive and quite dry skin loves the Vitalizing Recovery Facial, which is 60 minutes of massage, cleaning and hydrating that makes me purr like a kitten while it’s happening (trust me, they’re used to it) but just stop by and get a skin consultation. They’ll personalize the experience and your products so you walk out with a youthful glow and the products and instructions to help you keep it that way. My weapons of choice against time marching across my face are the Moisture Bound collection but whatever products and services you choose from this company, you won’t regret it. Half of the dewy red carpet skin in Hollywood knows my secret and we can’t all be wrong.

See? I just told you about my very favorite, sacred space for amazing skin, so the least you could do is check it out. If you’re not in NYC, head to your local Neiman Marcus or Sephora to experience these skin-altering products. Just don’t try taking my appointment time, okay?


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