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Kristin Booker • October 21, 2011

The Sexy Back Diaries’ Fall Fragrance Must-Have: Tom Ford Violet Blonde

There is a moment in every woman’s life that is so important, a second where she crosses the line from being just anyone on the street to becoming That Woman. It’s the second in time where someone becomes deeply interested in her, all time stops and their breath catches as they gaze upon her. The vapor around her body is essentially the only air to them and they become transfixed. Said person will cross the street, a crowded room at a party or an ocean if necessary just to be near her. For that moment, the survival of that person’s heart depends on this woman paying them any length of attention, and the ability to drink in her personage is all they need to survive until she speaks.

Every woman longs for the moment where she beckons that special someone closer, then enraptures them. Can a fragrance aid with that seductive moment? If it’s crafted by the Master of All Things Alluring it can. Ladies, meet my fall fragrance must have for all FSB readers: Tom Ford Violet Blonde.

An impeccable fragrance by one of fashion’s leading designers, Tom Ford’s instincts about what weaves an entangling web of feminine allure are dead on with this fragrance. It’s an opulent fragrance, one that speaks of champagne and a woman who live for moments filled with the finest. The intoxicating notes of the fragrance are very European, with a central note of Violet Leaf, an ingredient mostly connected with the South of France and Northern Italy. That note is then wrapped in Italian Manderin and Baie Rose for a crisp, green opening. The fragrance then opens to a heart of Tuscan Orris Absolute and Tuscan Orris Butter (rare and expensive as a perfume ingredient) for a sensuality that beckons you closer. Once you’ve arrived, the dry down is a musky, sensual mixture of  woodsy notes, including Benzoin, Haitian Vetiver and Cedarwood ORPUR. If skin could beg to be touched, the dry down notes are the language it would use.

The fragrance arrives into your delicate hands in Ford’s elegant bottle with a deep violet packaging. As we all aspire to those moments where we take someone’s breath away, I declare that this is the fragrance to punctuate all those things you want them to think about you in that one all-important moment.

No matter what your hair color, I encourage everyone to have a moment as a Violet Blonde.

Tom Ford Violet Blonde, available now at Bergdorf Goodman and fine department stores worldwide


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