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Kristin Booker • January 12, 2012

The Sexy Back Diaries: Get Some Shower Action With Molton Brown

Thinking about getting down? Grab some Molton Brown. Click through to purchase this magical bath & shower gel.

Ok, so HERE’s where the Sexy Back series starts in earnest, ladies and gents. Because it’s a new year, it’s a new time and it’s time to get all fabulous, hot and reconnected with your body. In other words, it’s time for some sweet, sweet action.

Before we explore leaving the comfort of sweatpants and ponytails, let’s first talk about the little things you can do every day to make your life a little more alluring. You have to take a shower or a bath (if not, um, there’s no better time to start than now,) and if you think about it, the best part of getting clean is the possibility of getting a little dirty. Hence, I suggest you start kicking up your libido in the bath. After all, it’s all hot and steamy in there and you’re all touching yourself and stuff. Let’s get that party started.

My personal choice for jump starting that little libido of yours is Molton Brown Paradisiac Pink Peppercorn Bath & Shower ($28). First of all, it’s pink so that should tell you something, but don’t let that pretty little color fool you. This unisex gel pack a lusty experience with aromatic pink pepperpods combined with spicy African ginger, patchouli and Reunion Island pink pepper oils. It will energize you. It will make you happy. It might encourage you to call in sick so you can do other things with your day.

It’s time to make bathtime a little more fun, folks. It’s time to get down with some Molton Brown.



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