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Kristin Booker • April 12, 2011

The Terrible “Tues”Day – Five Must-Watch DVDs To Help You Get In Touch With Your Inner Bitch

I know some of you might be blushing that I used the “b” word and others might be rooting me on in that you-go-girl manner. Either way, this list needs to be published.

I’ve recently rediscovered a lovely person. I would say we’ve just met, but the truth is that we’re acquainted but haven’t exactly been too terribly close. She’s quite fun and when allowed to come out and play every once in a while, she’s quite effective at getting things I want done. Let me introduce you to a fabulous person: my inner bitch.

My inner bitch gets things done. She’s highly efficient, removes distractions and gives people who need to be told where to stick it explicit instructions on how to get that done. In short, she’s now my best friend.

Ladies, we’re dying because we’re too nice out here. Women die of heart disease and all sorts of disorders every year because we’re afraid of being considered a bitch and being too nice.  It’s time to be okay with things not being okay.  In short, get demanding and let your IB out. You’ll be amazed what she can do and how much better you’ll feel.

Not being in touch with your frustration can make you sick. We don’t want that. Here’s some inspiration on how to let your IB out to play:

The Last Seduction – There is no better morality play of a bad girl being bad than this movie. Linda Fiorentino is masterful in this movie of a girl who gets exactly what she wants, on demand, period.  I wouldn’t necessarily say you should mimic her actions, but a little part of you somewhere can take cues from her attitude.

Cruel Intentions and Dangerous LiaisonsSarah Michelle Geller is genius in this role and recreates a role that Glenn Close made famous in Liaisons. Although you hate to see a good bad girl fail at the end, there’s some fun and evil moments that will inspire you.

Close gives a miraculous speech about how she learned to grow to power as a woman despite the oppression of her time and Geller utters one of the greatest lines about having to act nice when you don’t want to do so.

The September Issue – I mean, it’s Anna Wintour as herself, a take charge woman who has never really ever parted with her IB. Vogue magazine and the fashion industry wouldn’t be the same without her connection to her IB. Watch and learn, people. Watch and learn.

Any and all season of Dynasty with Joan Collins as Alexis – I know it’s not a movie, but I own these gems of television history and she is an INSPIRATION. Glamorous, tough when she has to be and just a touch misguided, let her serve as a soapy guide to all things slightly villainous. I personally never considered Alexis the bad guy, she was just doing her thing and other people got in the way.

Feel free to rent (or buy in my case) any of these movies for inspiration. You might discover a very fun side of yourself that you’ll enjoy immensely and save yourself some angst in the interim.


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