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Kristin Booker • June 12, 2014

Things I Love: (Mostly) Raw Diets and Ending The Battle With My Body

About two months ago, I was honestly sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had just finished a stressful contract and had consumed enough white flour and white sugar (stress eating, it’s a real thing, it happens, and it SUCKS) to create a glue factory in my body. I was puffy and my internal organs just decided, you know, we’re done with you. I started getting crazy rashes, I had abdominal bloating, my skin looked pasty. All was not well in the Land of Kristin.

I remember lying on my bed one morning, looking up at the ceiling, doing what I used to do a lot, which is working through a diet menu in my head. I also read this article on supplements that help with weight loss. If you’ve ever done it, the conversation goes a lot like this:

“Ok, so I’m going to be totally good today. I’m spry, feelin’ good, and I’m going to start the day with hot water with lemon and flaxseed oil. Yes, that will do it. Then I’ll have a few almonds as a snack, a salad with chicken with lunch, and then I’ll have some broth or soup as an afternoon snack. Yes, I rock, I RULE at this. OK, so then for dinner it’ll be fish and vegetables and then I’ll have some berries for dessert. Maybe I’ll add a little agave if I want. Nice! I HAVE FULL COMMAND OF MY DAY!”

Then, you get out of bed and hit your toe. Suddenly, the hot water with lemon is forgotten.

“F*ck, I hit my foot. Ugh, what a morning! Coffee. I definitely need coffee. Not awake yet. Full cream. Four sugars. It’s that kind of day.”

Two more mishaps (ever had an electric toothbrush spray toothpaste in your eye?) and you’re steaming by the time your commute is on. You see a donut shop.

“I can be good later. You’re supposed to eat more for breakfast anyway, right? Oh, croissant with fake eggs and loads of cheese, be mine.”

And so it goes until it turns into “Oh, to Hell with it. I’ll start tomorrow” by the time you get to dinner, angry and tired and in a Donut Downward Shame Spiral.

And that, friends, is the game I’ve decided not to play anymore. Because I’m tired of being at war with my food choices.

Nope. One morning, I woke up and thought, “You know, I wish I could stop thinking about what I eat so much. I just wish I didn’t have to consider it so much.” And that’s the morning I started eating predominately vegetarian. Oh yes, I, the Woman Who Would Want Steak And Ice Cream For Her Last Meal On Earth decided to stop eating meat, and dairy followed about two weeks later. I bought a NutriBullet on the advice of my friend Kim at exhale. Cut to a month later, and I’d lost five pounds without thinking about it, I slept better, my skin started to glow, my hair began to shoot out of my scalp, my nails hardened and it was ON.

I also started doing my homework about the food supply and why my body and brain reacted so positively when I started eating more vegetables. I started with Food Inc., I then went on to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and progressed to Forks Over Knives. By the time I made my way to Vegucated, which I just watched last week, I can say that my deal has pretty much been sealed. I watched someone hit a pig in the head with a stun gun and then I saw how pork chops made it to my plate. I think I’m out.

Am I trying to tell you to go vegetarian? Nope. You can eat whatever you want. I’m not saying I’ve taken up the flag, but I am telling you that if you have issues with allergies of all kinds and a waistline that seems to hold abdominal fat no matter how much cardio you throw at it, just try and watch a few of these movies and read up on what’s going on out there. Organic vegetables, Vitamin B12 Supplements and food has changed my life, I swear. I am working diligently to unplug myself from The Matrix.

2014-03-26 14.03.33

I’ve now spent about two months eating most raw/vegetarian (I say mostly because I’ve had fish twice in an absent-minded fog as well as Greek yogurt )and I’m feeling pretty awesome. I’d also like to report that supplements are a big part of my game now. This is The Smartest Thing I Have Ever Done. It’s my way of adding a safety net to my diet. Remember I said that I wanted to stop thinking about what I eat so much? Supplements, and Eiyo Nutrition’s brain health supplements too, go a long way to that level of comfort.

I found these in a conference room where I was contracting, left for the general public. I did a little research on the company and found out that this is a five-pill pack called The Foundation (find it here, which is a daily dose of nutrients that help the body work on a higher level, so think of them as the next step beyond a multivitamin because the ingredients are targeted to perform certain functions. It’s by a company called ALOHA, and they’re packed with Vitamin D and omega 3-s and other clean, sustainably sourced items (like turmeric, Vitamin C and chelated magnesium) to help you sleep better, boost your immune system, relieve stress and help protect your skin while pumping up a great glow from micronutrients doing their thing on the inside. Environmental factors and our sedentary lifestyles (and, you know, stress) can really oxidize the body, and these supplements have made an incredible difference in me, I am even thinking about using prevagen supplements as well.

2014-03-26 14.01.03

I write better, I sleep better, I have energy without coffee, and my mood is pretty awesome. I do drink tea though, I really like the red tea vs green tea comparison by EHI Primary Care. I think having combined them with a clean diet has really helped, but if I feel like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound with them now, I can only IMAGINE how helpful they would have been when I was still having bagels loaded with cream cheese for breakfast and eating loads of grilled meats for dinner. Just food for thoughts.

A 30-Day supply of ALOHA The Foundation is $95, which is kind of expensive, but if you’re repairing your health like I was, my thought is always that being sick costs a lot more, I also have to mention that I did invest on supplements. Oh, and no one from ALOHA has any idea on earth that I love them so much. No one’s paying me to tell you about them. I just found this wonderful product when I needed it, and now I want to spread the love in case one of you needs it.

Just promise me if you try them to add one thing for maximum effect: a sincere desire to be really good to yourself, to create a diet that takes away the obsession with food. Be free of those shackles once and for all and just give your body a chance. I did, and I swear it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Although I’m still trying to figure out how to make kale salad. No, seriously, I still can’t get the leaves to soften. ARGH. I’ll figure it out.


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