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Kristin Booker • February 23, 2014

This Week In Instagram: Weather, Gems & Mellow Moments

This Week In Instagram Collage


The week after Fashion Week was filled with a lot of planning. I have a lot of ideas of where I’d like to take this site, and the endeavors started in earnest this week.  Some of the shots above are from a great new outfit shoot we did today (I think you’ll see a pretty interesting change in the looks that were shot,) and there were some little reward moments for a lot of work accomplished. Finishing the Microsoft videos that were shot before, and during Fashion Week was a huge feat, so I celebrated with a cute T-shirt and some amazing jewelry from StyleMint JewelMint (the baubles you see at the top there.) I had evidently been storing up credits and completely forgot about them until I was playing around on the site and – HELLO! – serious cash to spend. It’s like saving $5 every time you curse and suddenly discovering you have enough to buy a pair of shoes.

Or am I the only one who keeps a Swear Jar filled with $5 bills? Damn it, the secret’s out….and there’s another fiver in the kitty.

The cupcake was a moment in the office at Refinery29 (I’m helping them out with some writing, go check out my stuff if you’d like, particularly my new article on The History of Black Hair in America) and it comes from Sweet Generation. Ladies and gents, that is a Strawberry Milkshake cupcake. It was the bright spot in a long day, let me tell you.

The two photos on either side of the grid are me playing with my hair. I’m in a bit of a snit with my hair right now, and I’m trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with it. Straight? Wavy? Both? I let Devin Toth at Ted Gibson Salon in New York gets his hands on my mane, and that flippy-fab style you see on the bottom left corner is what emerged. I said “Kate Moss” and he gave me that marvelous style. Devin, you and me, kid: let’s do this.

See also: I’m the only person who would walk into a tony Fifth Avenue salon wearing a sweatshirt with the word “geek” emblazoned on the front and silver-studded motorcycle boots. That’s just me, flying the freak flag high, y’all.

The shots of New York are just me re-experiencing my love affair with my city, especially the two shots over World Trade where there’s tons of fog, and then a fiery sunset. Those two photos were taken 20 minutes apart, with the fog burning off in that short period of time where it had obstructed the view almost all day. You could barely see anything all day, and then, just before we’re about to head home, it gives way to the most beautiful sunset. It’s a sign that even when you can’t see the good things coming, they’re on the way.

And that’s kind of how I feel about the forthcoming week and all the good things to come on this site. There are some celebrities on the way this week (!!!) and a lot of beauty news and fun fashion finds, but I’ll capture some of the quiet moments this week as well.

Good things are coming, y’all. Some seen, some completely obstructed from view, but they’re on their way. Here’s wishing you a great week. Happy Sunday!



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  1. L Olsen says:

    Good things are indeed coming! I love how a lot of people’s blogs been talking about that. It feels like the universe is conspiring to get more people to be happy and that’s always good.

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