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Kristin Booker • June 12, 2014

Thursday Style Section: Olivia Munn Shows Us How She Does It

Admittedly, I love learning how other people live, love and make it through their day, so when Vogue gives us a peek into how celebs live, I am one of the first ones clicking. I’ve already posted the video that gives us a look into the affable personality and gorgeous decorating sense of Sarah Jessica Parker, and this time it’s Olivia Munn that’s the subject of the single-take video. The piece takes you inside the gorgeous Los Angeles area home of the beautiful actress from HBO’s The Newsroom (one of my favorite shows) and gives you a peek at her rapid-fire wit. You won’t expect some of her answers, and some of them are HILARIOUS.

Also, please feel free to be in awe and consumed with a moment of jealousy over her backyard space. I send her greetings from my New York studio apartment. 🙂

Check out how Olivia does it all with style in this new video, courtesy of Conde Nast Entertainment.


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