Kristin Booker • October 15, 2009

Top Five Reasons You Need to Visit The Limited Pop-Up Boutique Right Now

Remember I was telling you that The Limited has created a pop-up boutique in Manhattan for a limited (ha!) time only (as in, through this weekend ONLY)? Well, after attending the press preview last night, I’m basically telling you, nay COMMANDING you to go and shop. Here are my top five reasons you need to visit this amazing pop-up boutique right this minute:

1) Forenza sweaters! Hello! The first 84 people each day to purchase a Forenza sweater will get them at 1984 prices, which is something like $29.50 a sweater! That’s INSANE, people! I got one last night and I might go back for more because I’m retro like that.

2) It’s chock full of goodies. The boutique is a full store full of amazing merchandise. Basics lining the walls, full racks of clothing, fabulous window displays. It might be the most fun you can have with your clothes on through the weekend. Well, wait a minute…no, I stand by that statement since this boutique is available for a short period of time.

3) Accessories! The Limited has always been my fabulous “cheat” when it comes to awe-inspiring jewelry and at their prices, pile it on and look amazing, ladies! So much fun and they’re everywhere. The accessories for fall are just to die for, like these necklaces and a faux fur stole. You gotta love it.

4) You need evening wear. Admit it. Seriously, their dresses and After Five separates are really, really great. This black ruffled dress? You’ll see me wearing it at some point soon with some sick designer shoes. The holiday season is fast approaching and don’t get caught in the oh-damn-I-have-something-tonight-and-nothing-to-wear dilemma. Get those outfits now and save yourself the drama.

5) Because I said so (Kidding. Not really.) Because if you don’t buy these amazing outfits, I will be forced to do so. From career separates to just good basics, The Limited is where it’s at!

The pop-up is located at 134 Spring Street in Soho. Head there now and commence shopping!


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