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Kristin Booker • January 24, 2011

Total Doll Style: Will Barbie Take Ken Back? Watch The Video!

Ok, so as a little girl (nay, as an ADULT) I am completely obsessed with Barbie. I had a gazillion of them it seems and they lived impossibly fabulous lives. As fickle as Barbie (mine included) ever was about her career, her wardrobe and choice of house or car, one constant remained: her faithful, very blonde hunk of plastic boyfriend, Ken.

Until, you know, in 2004 when she decided to ditch him for an ill-advised relationship with the new Blaine doll. I mean, a girl’s gotta flex her dating muscle now and again but….yeah, not the right guy.

Well, it appears that Ken might have tried a little something here and there in the toy box, but there’s no mistaking it: he’s still pining over his beloved Barbie. I just happened upon this fabulous video where Ken decides to create a profile and…well, guess who he finds when searching for his perfect doll?

Yep. What happens next? Will Barbie take Ken back? I don’t know but I am TOTALLY in. Watch the video and let me know what you think Barbie should do? You can keep up with the whole campaign like the rest of us at


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